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Five Questions for Chef Garfield Pez

Bubbleman Yummy Bubbles Pez
Chef Garfield Pez serves up some fun.

Pezhead Monthly: Thanks for joining us, Chef Garfield Pez. What's cookin'?

Chef Garfield Pez: You know, if I had a dollar for every time someone asked me that question, I could have quite an impressive Pez collection of my own. Of course, I wouldn't collect Pez, because that would be kind of weird, me being a Pez dispenser and all. But, to answer your question, not much is cooking. I've just been enjoying this wonderful summer.

PM: What are your thoughts on the "Garfield" comic strip recently turning 25 years old?

CGP: I'm very excited, it's had a good run and I am proud to be inspired by it. Plus, it really gives me hope. It will take me until 2022 to celebrate my 25th, and it's nice to know that it is possible to get there and still be stylin'. But I have to say, Pez recently celebrated 50 years in America, so even though I'm relatively young for a Pez, I am really part of a long and glorious tradition of dispensing fruity goodness to kids of all ages.

PM: That's a good point, Chef Garfield Pez. On a related note, not too many Pez dispensers are based on comic strip characters, as much as they are by TV, movies, and other forms of pop culture. Granted, you've got the Peanuts set, but that's about it. Why do you suppose that the characters of "Garfield" were chosen to be Pez?

CGP: I think that, much like Pez, the comic strip is about innocence and everyday life. Granted, the character gets a little grumpy sometimes, but there's no major life crises going on, just the regular life stuff, sleeping, eating, hanging out and watching TV, and so on. Plus- and please forgive me if this sounds arrogant- but I think Pezheads would rather have Garfield or Odie on a Pez dispenser than Hi and Lois, Hagar the Horrible, or those little brats from "Family Circus."

PM: You won't hear me disagreeing with that. Let's talk for a minute about the various Garfield sets that have been released. Except for Odie, Nermal, and Arlene, all other Garfield Pez have been you, in various costumes and facial poses. This is quite unique in Pez dispensers. Why do you think this is, and how do you handle it?

CGP: Well, as modest as I try to be, let's face it, I'm the star of the show here. Whether I'm wearing a chef's hat, a pilot's hat, or just a big ol' smile, it's all about me. I know that in the world of Pez everyone is a star, but in the world of Garfield, I'm the Big Cheese, baby. I will admit that it does get weird sometimes, being on display with all these variants of myself. I've looked at Sleeping Cap Garfield Pez several times and thought, "You know, I could really use a nap." But then I have to tell myself that, no, I am Chef Garfield Pez, I am my own Pez, and everything makes sense again.

PM: As well it should. Finally, Chef Garfield Pez, do you have any favorite recipes to share with us?

Yummy Bubbles Pez
Garfield Pez wears many hats in life.

CGP: Right now, my two favorites are Pez a la Mode and Sweet and Sour Pez. But let me tell you, even though it sounds like a winning platter, avoid the Pez Alfredo at all costs.

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