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Five Questions for Captain America Pez

Mrs. Claus Pez
Captain America Pez finds "The Scarlet Letter" to be a very troubling novel.


Pezhead Monthly: Thanks for joining us, Captain America Pez. Like the other Marvel Pez that was recently released along with you, Thor, your release coincides with a big summer movie this year. What are your thoughts on being introduced as a member of the Pez family in such a grand fashion?

Captain America Pez: It's a great way to kickstart things, that's for sure. People can pick me up on the way to go see the Captain America movie, and it can make them feel more connected to it. That's what Thor told me, anyway. But you know, as much as I love that dude, he can have a pretty high opinion of himself, so I'd take that with a grain of salt.

PM: Speaking of salt, people won't need to salt their popcorn, or to get popcorn at all for that matter, if they load you up with Pez before bringing you into the theater. How about that?

CAP: Sounds like a plan to me. I mean, I don't want to advocate candy smuggling, but hey, last I checked Pez candy didn't cost 6 dollars a roll. I'm just sayin'.

PM: I hear you, Captain America Pez. Another similarity that you have with your counterpart Thor Pez is that you are both remakes of very cool vintage dispensers. Does this put any added pressure on you?

CAP: Well, it's hard to step out of that shadow sometimes, but as far as shadows go, you could do much worse. Back then, what Pez dispensers lacked in feet they more than made up for in style. The original Thor had a couple of neat stem variations, and the original Captain America had some mask variations too. The newer Thor and I don't have that kind of stuff, and I am fairly sure we'll never be referred to as vintage dispensers, but I think we get by.

PM: Well, I'd say you do more than just get by. There is something pretty remarkable to be said for being a new Pez release, right?

CAP: Oh, for sure! After all, it is kind of nice that Thor and I are once again able to be found in stores after so many years, for very reasonable prices. We're introduced to a whole new generation of Pez collectors, as well as previous generations, of course, and we get to hang out with a much wider variety of dispensers than were available back in the day.
  Mrs. Claus Pez
Vintage and current: two generations of Captain America Pez dispensers.

PM: That's a good point, Captain America Pez. Finally, this interview happens to coincide with the month of America's 235th birthday. Are there any thoughts that you'd like to pass along on this occasion?

MCP: Well, you know, without America, there would be no Captain America, and for that matter no Captain America Pez dispenser. So, I'm obviously pretty thankful for that. But beyond that, I am thankful for all of the liberties that America offers, all of its natural wonders, and the many ways in which its people have been a force for good in this world. Let freedom ring, and while we're at it, let Pez dispense!

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