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Five Questions for the 2005 Pez Calendar

Pez Calendar
What better way to spend your days than with the 2005 Pez calendar?


Pezhead Monthly: Thanks for joining us, 2005 Pez Calendar. This marks the first year that Pez has officially licensed a calendar. You must be pretty excited about that, huh?

2005 Pez Calendar: Excited, honored, tickled, you name it. It was so great to hear the news that I would be joining the Pez family. Pretty soon I will be hanging on the walls of Pezheads everywhere- perhaps right next to their Pez dispenser collection, perhaps in the kitchen, or perhaps in every room of the house.

PM: In every room? Now that would be a great idea. Tell me, 2005 Pez Calendar, what makes being a Pez calendar so rewarding?

2005PC: Well, on top of the obvious rewards of being associated with the magic and wonder of Pez, there are a few other things. For instance, at the start of every month, I have a new look. You can simply flip the page and I am a whole new Pez item. I don't mean to disparage my dispenser cousins, but you can't always count on a new dispenser each month, especially in these lean times. The other neat thing about being a Pez calendar is that at the end of the year you can take each of my twelve pages out, frame them, and have an instant collection of some kickin' Pez art!

PM: That is very true, 2005 Pez Calendar. But what would stop Pezheads from opening the calendar and looking at each of the months within minutes of purchasing it?

2005PC: Restraint, my dear friend, restraint. Just knowing that each month is guaranteed a new Pez image should be motivation enough. That being said, I know that sometimes it is just too darn exciting to not want to take it all in immediately. If this is the case, then the obvious solution is to buy two Pez calendars- one for looking through immediately and one for hanging on the wall. Strange as it may sound, I know of many Pezheads who do just that.

PM: That is quite a good idea. Tell me, 2005 Pez Calendar, what has been most frustrating for you in your few short months of availability to the general public?

2005PC: I would have to say the urgency of calendar sales, and I think my fellow calendars would back me up on this. True, they start selling calendars these days before Thanksgiving, and sometimes before Halloween. And true, for those few months, life is grand. People snatch up the calendars to give to their loved ones for the perfect holiday gift. But what happens on the day after Christmas? That dreaded sticker- "50% off." That is when you know things are getting grim. You aren't treated as the perfect gift anymore, but rather as a burden that needs to be gotten rid of. I can't speak from experience, but I hear that come mid-January the prices go down to 75% off, then 85%, then 99.9%. Then "Poof" I am no longer sold in stores!! I'm sorry, but three or four months seems like an awfully short shelf life, and an awfully short time for Pezheads to find me.

PM: I can only imagine the horror of your situation, 2005 Pez Calendar. On balance, though, are you glad to be here?

2005PC: Oh without question, yes, I am very glad. It is quite rewarding to think that every reminder this year of upcoming birthdays, soccer practices, band lessons, and Pez conventions will be recorded on me. It's almost like I am part of the family. I just ask that people don't record an "X" on each day that has passed. It makes me feel like I did something wrong and am being punished on a daily basis. That's no way to go through life, unless you're a contestant on a reality television show.

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