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Five Questions for Gray-Haired Pink Bunny Pez

Gray-Haired Pink Bunny Pez is
hoppy to be here.

Pezhead Monthly: Gray-Haired Pink Bunny Pez, thanks very much for joining us. Although you are new to the Pez Easter set in 2009, to the untrained eye you might look quite familiar. Would you care to explain what sets you apart from the standard Pink Bunny Pez dispenser that was released in 2004?

Gray-Haired Pink Bunny Pez: Well, not to get this interview started off on the wrong foot, but I'd like to offer a small correction. No Pez dispenser should ever be described as "standard." We are all unique in our own ways and bring our own special qualities to the table, or the shelf, or what have you. But to answer your question, the main difference is that I have gray hair and eyelids, whereas the other Pink Bunny Pez has light purple hair and eyelids.

PM: A small but distinct difference indeed. It must have been a challenge for you being so otherwise similar to the standard… I mean… first Pink Bunny. Did you worry that people might pass you by, not seeing you as a new dispenser, when in fact you are new this year?

GHPBH: Nah, it didn't really upset me. The way I see it, people snatch up Easter dispensers no matter how they look. I suppose it's due to their ability to dispense fruity goodness to kids of all ages. Plus, I have to tell you, the true Pezheads make up for anyone else who would mistakenly pass me by. I'm telling you, the collectors have a sharp eye for any variations in dispensers when they find them at the store. In fact, to some Pezheads, and not to toot my own horn, variations are more sought after than traditional dispensers.

PM: Very interesting. Why do you think this is, Gray-Haired Pink Bunny Pez?

GHPBH: Well, in some cases, ultra rare variations can fetch a handsome amount of money. But I think most Pezheads just appreciate all of the different ways that the same basic Pez dispenser can be so different. The possibilities are almost endless. They could have different colored stems, different face colors, perhaps some eyelashes or feathers. The untrained eye might not pick up on the differences, but the Pezhead's eye does. And the cool part is that it's up to each Pezhead to decide if they want to collect variations or not, either across their whole collection or for specific pieces. When my collector brought me home and I saw an entire shelf of Batman Pez variations, I knew I was in good company.

PM: Well that's certainly good to hear. Switching gears, sometimes we forget that, while new Pez is always a good thing, new Pez dispensers didn't ask for the life that they were given. Not to bring the interview down, but out of curiosity, do you have any complaints or objections?

GHPBH: No big ones. I guess my only beef is that I am unable to hop around to all the houses and deliver Easter candy to all the girls and boys. Well, technically, I am unable to hop around at all. Unless of course I fall off the shelf and hop around on the floor. But that would be hopping beyond my control, and involuntary hopping is never a good thing. And especially in that case, it could end quite badly.

PM: That's a good point, Gray-Haired Pink Bunny Pez. Finally, does it bother you that although you are one of the newest Pez dispensers released at time of this writing, you already have gray hair?


Gray-Haired Pink Bunny Pez, right, is noticeably different than the original version released 5 years ago.

GHPBH: Oh, heck no. Lots of people have gray or even white hair and are not yet considered vintage, but in fact are in the prime of their lives. President Obama is already going gray, and he just took office 2 months ago! Plus, just look at Anderson Cooper, Taylor Hicks, and Keanu Reeves in "Dracula." Although to be fair, if Dracula had nearly scared me to death, I would probably get white hair too. Which I suppose would be another variation to collect! But in the end, it's not the color of your hair, but what's inside that counts. And inside of me, there is Pez candy. How can you go wrong with that?

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