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One Question for Each of the Bratz Pez

Don't even think of dissing on the Bratz Pez dispensers.


Pezhead Monthly: Thanks for being here, Bratz Pez. Yasmin Pez, let's start with you. As part of one of the newest Pez dispenser set, what are your thoughts on joining the esteemed ranks of those many Pez before you, as well as on setting the way for all those who are yet to come in the Pez dispenser family?

Yasmin Pez: Oh no you didn't!

PM: Um... oh yes I did. I think. Actually, I have no idea. So let's move on to you, Cloe Pez. What do you say to some of the critics out there who have charged that Pez has perhaps gone overboard in the design of the Bratz set, that perhaps your

heavy makeup, your overdone hair, and your taste in clothing bring to mind Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, or perhaps a guest on The Jerry Springer Show, as opposed to the wholesome image that Pez otherwise tries to promote?

Cloe Pez : Whatevah! I'll do what I want!

PM: I see. Well, I guess that leaves you, Jade Pez. Can you shed some light on the rumor that Sasha, another of your Bratz companions, will soon be made into a Pez dispenser?

Jade Pez: I have heard these rumors, but I am afraid that at this point I can neither confirm or deny them. It would certainly be great for Sasha to join us on the shelf, and I would be very excited if this were to come true. Any new Pez dispenser is always a good thing, despite what some may question as an unappealing design. The more Pez, the better.

PM: Wow, thanks for that nice, reasoned, and articulate response, Jade Pez. I think this definitely gives hope that the Bratz will be able to carry on the long and proud tradition that comes with being Pez dispensers.

JP: Don't even go there, girlfriend!

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