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Five Questions for Big Rig Pez

The Big Rig Pez dispenser is rollin' right along.


Pezhead Monthly: Thanks for joining us, Big Rig Pez. You are one of the newest additions to the Pez line-up and you are already creating quite the buzz. Why do you think this is?

Big Rig Pez: Well, I think variety is the spice of life, or is at least a close second to paprika. Lately it seems that dispenser after dispenser has had feet, so that they could stand up in Pez displays

all around the world. But just when you thought it was safe to stand up your Pez dispensers, here I come. I don't have feet at all; in fact, if you stood me up I stand a good chance of falling over. Instead, I stand on my side, thanks to these trusty wheels.

PM: And what nice wheels those are. However, you aren't the first truck dispenser to have wheels. In fact I believe they have all had wheels over the years. So what sets you apart from those trucks of Pez past?

BRP: Let me tell you, about fifteen years ago they brought the Pez trucks back for the fourth time in the history of Pez. From what I hear, everyone partied pretty hard when that happened because Pez trucks are some of the most admired of all the dispensers. I don't mean to toot my own truck horn, I'm just saying. But when they brought the Pez trucks last time, their wheels didn't move! I can't imagine how frustrating that would have been. So in a way I am a callback to the Pez trucks of before, but in another way I have been souped up for modern times, and I was even given the cool name "Big Rig."

PM: I see. Big Rig Pez, I don't want to inflate your ego more than it clearly already is, but I find this combination of yours as a Pez dispenser and as a working toy truck all rolled into one simply amazing. Do you think you could beat a Hot Wheels car in a race?

BRP: Now let's not get ahead of ourselves here. I might have a big ego, but I'm not foolhardy enough to believe I'd stand a chance against a Hot Wheels car, even if I was fully loaded with Pez candy. I mean, it would be like Don Knotts racing Dale Earnhardt Jr. That being said, in addition to simply being pushed, I can also be launched if you pull my chamber back and release it at just the right time, sending me into rocket-like propulsion. Just don't pull too hard or I might break, and also don't try it when there's tasty candy inside of me. It's all fun and games until a Pez projectile causes you to lose an eye.

PM: That is oh so true. And on top of all of this, is there an added bonus of being a Pez truck, when you yourself were delivered to the store presumably in a truck?

BRP: Definitely, that's a big deal. It really makes me appreciate where I came from. Just as the truck rolled into town and unloaded me for all to purchase and enjoy, I in turn get to roll around and unload fruity goodness for kids of all ages. It just blows my mind. Sometimes I forget just how lucky I am to be a part of the Pez family.

PM: Finally, Big Rig Pez, are you aware that the first letters of your name bring to mind the noisy expulsion of gas from the stomach through the mouth?

BRP: I don't mean to answer your final question with a final question, but have you seen what they serve at truck stops these days? I'll tell you what, you'd be BRPing too.

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