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Five Questions for Big Bird Pez

Big Bird Pez can tell you how to get to Sesame Street, and can also tell you where to get some Pez.


Pezhead Monthly: Big Bird Pez, you are part of the new Sesame Street Pez dispenser set that is available here in the United States. However, you've been around for a little while over in Europe as well. What are your thoughts on suddenly becoming part of a worldwide phenomenon?

Big Bird Pez: That's awfully kind of you, but I would hesitate to call it a 'worldwide phenomenon.' We're just enjoying being a part of the Pez family. True, we've been entertaining kids of all ages for 35 years now, but now that we are Pez dispensers, the fun can really begin.

PM: That is true indeed. Plus, coming to America has also expanded the Sesame Street Pez set, adding Elmo Pez and Zoe Pez. How are these two additions fitting in with the rest of the crew?

BBP: Oh, it's been great to have them join us in stores everywhere. At first, the four of us (myself, Cookie Monster Pez, Bert Pez, and Ernie Pez) were a pretty tight-knit group, and adding two more seemed almost unnatural. But this is the way it was on the show, as well- Cookie, Bert, Ernie, and I were the "old guard" and then Elmo and Zoe came in and shook things up. And if history is any indication, things will only get better.

PM: That's a good point, Big Bird Pez. Elmo Pez, who we initially tried to reach for this interview, declined, as he was too busy being tickled, doing the hokey-pokey, doing the Limbo, and just generally being a multimedia sensation. Does his star power sometimes get to be too much for everyone else, who are content just being Pez dispensers?

BBP: No, you kind of get used to it. Every group has that individual who just sort of stands out. "Seinfeld" had Kramer, "Family Matters" had Urkel, and the Beatles had Ringo. It's pretty standard, and Elmo can be a regular Pez dispenser like any one of us. That being said, if there were to someday be an Oscar the Grouch Pez or a Snuffleupagus Pez that would put Elmo Pez in his place, you wouldn't hear a peep from this bird.

PM: Very interesting, Big Bird Pez. Speaking of huge stars, you tower over your co-stars on "Sesame Street," yet as a Pez dispenser you are just about the same height as every other Pez dispenser. Has this change taken some time to get used to?

BBP: Ah yes, Pez- the great equalizer. You could be a tall drink of water like myself or Chewbacca, or you could be a little guy like Tweety or R2D2, but when you take it to the Pez dispenser level, we're all more or less 4-inch pieces of plastic with one common purpose: to dispense fruity goodness to kids of all ages. Plus, as a Pez dispenser I am much less prone to accidentally stepping on people when I get too excited.

PM: That is great to hear, and thanks again for sitting down with Pezhead Monthly for the Five Questions, Big Bird Pez. I now open the floor to you for closing thoughts. Anything you'd like to share?

BBP: Yes indeed. This Five Questions was brought to you by the letters P, E, and Z.

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