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One of the features of Pezhead Monthly since its inception in August 2001 has been "Five Questions," where a particular Pez dispenser or other Pez item is put under the spotlight and asked about the ins and outs, the trials and tribulations, the glory and the wonder that comes with being a part of the Pez family. While not all interviews make it to that final fifth question, in each case you'll learn a little bit more about a Pez that you knew before.

Now, you can access all past Pezhead Monthly Five Questions features by clicking on the links below. So what are you waiting for? Let the Q&A begin...

Homer Simpson Pez
Darth Vader Pez
Headless Pez
Pez Clock
Dinosaur Pez Flashlight
Hulk Pez
Lucky Charms Leprechaun Pez
Wal-Mart Smiley Face Pez
R2D2 Pez (with special guest translator C3PO Pez)
Super Mario Pez
Cow Pez
Jungle Mission Pez
Glowing Witch Pez
Pineapple Sourz Pez
Elf Pez
SpongeBob Fantasy Pez
Pirate Pez Bobblehead
Giant Bart Simpson Pez
Extreme Goofy Pez
Bubbleman Yummy Bubbles Pez
Chef Garfield Pez
Fred Flintstone Pez
Mini Cooper Pez
Mummy Pez
Funky Faces
Faceless Santa Pez
Policeman Pez
Big Bird Pez
Egg Baby Pez
Pez Pajama Pants
Blue-Stemmed Spidey Pez
Rhino Whistle Pez

Crazy Octopus Pez
Cool School Tool Pez
Glowing Skeleton Pez
Dog Magnet Pez
2005 Pez Calendar
Psychedelic Flower Pez Plush
Crystal Crocodile Pez
Emperor Palpatine Pez

Pez Spaceman Lunchbox and Pez Spaceman Thermos
Big Rig Pez
Bratz Pez
Pez Racing Car
Chicken Little Pez

Fred the Traveling Pez Dispenser
Stella Skunk Pez
Pezamania 16 Tote Bag

Mystical Crystal Ball Pez
Black Cat Pez

Mrs. Claus Pez
Giant Indianapolis Colt Pez
Mike Wazowski Pez
Chef Skinner Pez
Pezheads The Movie Pez

Notre Dame Football Pez
(with bonus Pez song parody)
Pez Baseball Tin Sign (with bonus Pez song parody)
Davy Jones Pez
Cherub Pez (with bonus Pez song parody)
Gray-Haired Pink Bunny Pez

Winning Pez Bingo Card
Iron Man Pez
Bat Pez
Crystal Polar Bear Pez

Rubber Duck Pez
(with bonus Pez song parody)
Valentine's Day Teddy Bear Pez

Captain America Pez
University of Hawaii Pez

Darth Maul Pez
Kermit Pez, Miss Piggy Pez, and Animal Pez
(with bonus Pez song parody)
Pezamania Lanyard
Zombie Elvis Pez (with bonus Pez song parody)

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