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February 2024
Thinking Outside The Dispenser Since 2001

Spring Loaded: A Message from the Editor

"Scores!" Says He: January 2024
Pezhead Monthly Spotlight: Patty Thomas
Pez Poetry
And Finally...

Spring Loaded: A Message from the Editor | top

Hello and welcome to Pezhead Monthly! Since 2001, this publication has featured creative odes to Pez including poems, photo parodies, song parodies, and more. Pezhead Monthly also chronicles my own adventures as a Pezhead in event recaps and updates on my Pez room and collection. From the start, this has mostly been a one-man show, but I've featured other creative Pez folks in various issues (including this one) and I always welcome submissions. Although it can sometimes be a lot of work, I really enjoy publishing Pezhead Monthly and I hope that you enjoy reading it.

This issue kicks off Volume 19 of Pezhead Monthly's run, and I'll keep it going as long as I can. To look through all previous Pezhead Monthly volumes, or to browse by the most popular features, check out the archive page.

2024 also marks my 30th year as a Pez collector. It's hard to believe that I've come this far, from my humble beginnings as a freshman in college all the way up to the present day. Perhaps in a later issue (or series of issues) I'll share some words and pictures to mark how my Pezhead life has evolved over the years.

The big Pez news in January, as shared through the excellent Pez Palz blog, is that Pez will be making personalized 3D Pez dispensers called PEZ MY HEAD. This will be done through a mobile app. Pricing will be 99 euros for the standard version and 149 euros for the premium version. PEZ MY HEAD is currently only planned for Pez International, so US collectors will have to wait a bit. I have to tell you, I'm really looking forward to this. I'll provide updates when I can, but I highly recommend that you bookmark the Pez Palz blog home page to get the most up-to-date information! (And while you're at it, also subscribe to the Pez Collectors Store monthly newsletter.)

Also in January, just before the month wrapped up and a few hours after Pez Candy International did the same, Pez Candy USA dropped a surprise exclusive for us: the PEZ Presenter Girl! This is a new mold and, much like the mascots, it's likely there will be multiple iterations of the Presenter Girl down the road. I scooped one up from Pez.com and it will be featured in next month's issue as part of my February scores. Stay tuned!

On a more personal note, I celebrated my birthday in January, and my lovely wife spoiled me with some great gifts, including a new set of Pez dispensers! There's more on that later in this issue. Also, I made some good progress in my Pez room in January. I assembled an IKEA Billy, which will accommodate some of my ever-growing Batman Pez collection. I should have the display ready to show soon. I also have another Rudsta ready to assemble for the island portion of my Pez room. There are lots of exciting developments that I am looking forward to sharing in a later issue!

Turning to this issue of Pezhead Monthly, which kicks off with a Valentines' Day-inspired cover image that somehow goes both too near and too far, I shine the first ever Pezhead Monthly Spotlight on fellow Pezhead Patty Thomas. Patty, in addition to being a cool person with an impressive Peppermint Patty Pez collection, has a real talent for making fun, creative stop-motion Pez videos. In this issue, there is also a rundown of my January scores and some Pez Poetry. (Fun fact: the limerick "Rhea" in this month's issue was originally meant to be about Rhea Perlman and Danny DeVito, but after a few revisions Danny was written out. Apologies to Danny for the short shrift, especially since the final version of the poem now references an outdated beer commercial catchphrase instead.) And finally, there is a remnant of last year's Golden Girls Pezfest that was not completed in time, and then the year went in a few other directions and I never got back to it. It finally makes an appearance in this issue, not as part of a larger video as originally intended, but as a brief animated GIF. Appropriately enough, the GIF is also featured on the Pezhead Monthly Valentine's Day page.

Thanks as always for reading Pezhead Monthly. Take care and see you soon!

Joe Durrant
Editor, Pezhead Monthly

P.S. Did you miss last month's issue? You can still read it here. To search the full Pezhead Monthly archives, hop on over to the archive page, where you can browse by feature, Pez Poetry Slam, or issue. There's also a Google search bar to help you search the content across the site. And hey, maybe you would like to submit some words, photos, artwork, or videos to Pezhead Monthly to be featured in an upcoming issue? That would be great! Check out the submission details here.

"Scores!" Says He: January 2024 | top

I was fortunate to pick up a nice variety of Pez scores in January.

Out in the wild, I picked up new Pez from 4 different stores. Kicking off the month (and year), I was very pleased to discover the new Popcorn treat dispenser at the Midwest home improvement store Menard's. Popcorn joins the previously released Treats, which include the Taco, Hamburger, Pizza Slice, and most recently the Donut. Just a short while later, on the same trip, I was pleased to find the new Pez phone charm at Five Below. Will I ever use this on my phone? Probably not. Okay, definitely not. But it is still a welcome addition to my collection, and I picked up an extra because it seems like it would be ideal for crafting purposes.

Later in the month, I found the new, giant stuffed animal "Zuro Snackle" cat holding a Pez dispenser. These are, I believe, exclusive to Target, which is where I found mine. They seem to be a bit hard to find; due to their size, Target can only stock so many of them, not to mention there are other varieties of animals and snacks. So I think I really lucked out here. As a bonus, on its tag is a cute little comic. Check it out!

My last out-in-the-wild score was found at Big Lots. While unsuccessful in my search for the new 2024 Easter Egg in the tube, I did manage to find one of the new Barbie dispensers: Curly Hair Barbie. There are 3 others in this set, and I'm sure I'll eventually pick them all up, either out in the wild or from Pez.com.

For my birthday, the big gift I received from my lovely wife (via Chris Jordan's outstanding Pez Collector Store) was the recently released set of NHL Jersey dispensers. As this picture shows, I was quite happy to open this gift! I'm telling you, my wife is the best and I love her very much.

From Jason, a fellow member of one of my Facebook Pez groups, I picked up crystal variations of a couple of older dispensers that I did not have: a lamb and a bunny. These are quite nice! There are some other crystals from this era that I don't have, such as the panda, but I'll be looking at Facebook, eBay, and other places, and of course there's always Pezamania.

And finally, from the amazingly talented artist Mike Herz, I picked up a custom Robin Pez dispenser. This piece is simply awesome! Mike just wrapped his first series of Classic Monsters and he kept it rolling with this fantastic piece. It just so happens that I had some green shoes that fit the Boy Wonder perfectly. It also just so happens that I am planning a new shelf in my Batcave to display my custom Batmen with capes, and Robin will be a welcome addition to that display!

Here is a picture of my January scores. You can click on it for a larger view.

Pezhead Monthly Spotlight: Patty Thomas | top

Astute readers of Pezhead Monthly know that, from its start, a big part of this publication is all about trying to shine a different kind of light onto the world of Pez. I've made it my mission to celebrate my love of Pez through creative writing, photo editing, humor, pop culture mash-ups, and more. I've also recently stepped into the world of custom Pez and crafting, in the form of Pez swag, and while I still have a lot to learn it's something that I really enjoy doing. Yes, along the way, there are recaps, score run downs, and thoughts on new releases and other current aspects of the hobby. But there is always room for the weird, silly, and whimsical side of the hobby too, and that's where I try to spend a lot of my time (even if it eludes me sometimes).

But here's something you might not know: in terms of creativity in the Pez community, Pezhead Monthly is really just the tip of the iceberg. One of the things that I think makes this community great is the unique, creative perspective and the artistry of so many of its members. There's such a wide array of talented Pezheads out there. Some folks excel at creating custom dispensers, such as Topher Yarrison, Mike Herz, and Angelo Canale (just to name a few). Others are very gifted paper artists, such as Eddie Santiago, Emily Davis, and Cam Art. Cameron Smith's Pez photography is amazing, Molly Camden's and Gene Courtney's display stands are wonderful, and Larry Mason always outdoes himself with his many different custom Pez and stands. Sue and Steve Heraly put together a wonderful Pez calendar every year. There's also some fantastic Pez media that informs about Pez in an interesting and entertaining way, such as Brian Trauman's "Pez Through The Ages" and Erin Panda's "Erin Collects Pez" YouTube Channels. Andrea Smith and Justin Hansen had a great podcast called The Pez Collection (that I was featured in) that I really hope starts back up again someday. And really, every single Pez convention or gathering has multiple instances of Pez creativity, whether it's the convention team's custom dispensers and programming, or the various fun pieces of Pez collector swag.

I could go on and on about the creative people that I share this hobby with, and that's kind of the point! Each person brings their own skills and their own unique spin on the hobby, and when they share their particular version of Pez art with the community, everyone wins.

With this in mind, I'd like to make a conscious effort to feature more creative folks in Pezhead Monthly. In a sense I already do this whenever I talk about my latest scores, because they often include custom dispensers or other Pez works of art that I am so excited to add to my collection (My Batcave alone is testament to this!). A couple of years back, I also featured the photo editing pieces from Bret Christopher across multiple issues in the "Bret's World of Pez" series (Here's an example of BWOP).

And, in case you did not know, you are more than welcome to submit your own creative work to Pezhead Monthly. Maybe you have a Pez poem or a drawing you'd like to share, or you have a photo or video of some custom dispensers or another creative approach to this awesome hobby. Whatever it is, send it on over! Check out the submission policy here.

SO! With all of that said, I am FINALLY ready to unveil the subject of the very first Pezhead Monthly Spotlight: Patty Thomas! I've met Patty at multiple Pez conventions over the years. She is a cool person and also an avid Pez collector (but then again I repeat myself). Among Patty's collection is a quite impressive assortment of custom Peppermint Patty Pez dispensers. But Patty also has another talent that I would like to tell you about: stop-motion animation!

For starters, please do yourself a favor and check out Patty's YouTube channel. If you are not already subscribed, go ahead and make that happen! You will be pleased to discover Patty's fun videos, filled with catchy music and creative animation.

For instance, here is a short video of the Linguini Pez dispenser (from "Ratatouille") cracking open some Pez eggs and frying them in a pan.

Direct link

Here is a great video she did for Christmas 2023 called "A Pezmas Surprise."

Direct link

And here is her longest one to date, called "The Swarovski Pez Heist," which as a bonus starts off with a look at many of her custom Peppermint Patty dispensers. It tells a story with a variety of dispensers and it even has some unique action sequences. I don't know how she did this, and I can only imagine how long it must have taken, but I tip my hat to her for sure!

Direct link

Although at the time of this writing there are just a few videos on Patty's channel, she tells me she really wants to grow her channel. I for one am looking forward to what she comes up with next!

Pez Poetry | top

My First Two Scores of '24

A burger lunch kicked off that winter day,
But further east my car did make its way.
A Midwest home improvement store, my goal,
Would maybe have some solace for my soul.
The air was crisp that January morn,
As was my hope for Pez dispenser scorin'.

Past the bathtubs and the outdoor grills,
Beyond the mowers and the window sills,
It seemed I'd walked for twenty-seven miles
Until I fin'lly found the candy aisle.
The gummy bears and Junior Mints were borin',
Just cut right to the Pez dispenser scorin'!

There in that magic aisle at Menards
Were lots of Pez within both bags and cards
Some Hello Kittys, Thors, and Vaders too,
Some Belles and Mickeys and some Scooby Doos
And in the mix, a single Treat Popcorn
Hurrah! At last! Some Pez dispenser scorin'!

It was a flash of fortune, this I know,
But wait, what's this? A nearby Five Below?
I thought "Why not?", I didn't see the harm,
And zut alors! They had the Pez phone charm!
Yes, when it's rainin', sometimes too it's pourin',
Such as that day of Pez dispenser scorin'.

For five long days I somehow went without,
My throat was parched from such a Pezless drought,
But just like that, a double shot of winning,
And at long last, the year was now beginning.
'Twas January Sixth of Twenty-Four, and
The first day of my Pez dispenser scorin'

Pez Haiku #176

Travis and Taylor,
Like dispenser and candy,
Are a perfect pair.


There once was a Pezhead named Rhea
Whose collection was sure one to see, yeah
She yelled "Dilly Dilly!"
When she bought a Billy
One afternoon out at IKEA.

Leap Year
(originally published in the Feb 2004 issue of Pezhead Monthly)

This year we get an extra day,
That's what the calendar says.
Another day to live and breathe,
Another chance to get some Pez.

And Finally... | top

And finally, here is a brief animated GIF that is a Pezzified version of a scene from the classic TV show "The Golden Girls." In this scene, the ladies hide behind giant hearts that read "Valentine's Day Dinner" because… well, let's just say that there was a miscommunication somewhere, and one should never forget that we always dress for dinner.

This was originally going to be part of a longer video to be included in last year's Golden Girls-themed issue, but I ran out of time for it. I thought it was fitting to bring it back this month, since it is after all the month for Valentine's Day.

This GIF, along with this month's cover image that puts a Pez-flavored spin on the romantic drama "Titanic," is also included in Pezhead Monthly's special Valentine's Day page. Check it out!


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