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Pezhead Monthly
December 2007

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Spring Loaded: A Message from the Editor top of page | cover page

Welcome to the final issue of 2007 for Pezhead Monthly.

This month we are proud to feature an event that has been on these pages since 2002. I am speaking of course of the Pez Poetry Slam, where a collection of diverse poem forms is presented, all revolving around the eternal subject matter that is Pez. The 2007 Pez Poetry Slam features 13 entries and includes a little bit of everything, from haiku to acrostic to (Di)Spenserian sonnet.

Big thanks are due to CherPez and John Fote for their contributions this year!

I hope you enjoy reading the 2007 Pez Poetry Slam, and thanks for reading Pezhead Monthly throughout the year. I hope you'll join me again soon, as we welcome 2008 as only devoted Pezheads can.

Take care and have a happy and safe holiday season. See you next year!

Joe Durrant
Editor, Pezhead Monthly

2007 Pez Poetry Slam top of page | cover page

The time is once again here to celebrate the magic and wonder of Pez through the timeless art of poetry, as Pezhead Monthly proudly presents the sixth annual Pez Poetry Slam. The below thirteen selections will warm your heart, stimulate your mind, and, in case you may have forgotten, remind you that Pez truly makes the world go round.


A Series of Tubes

A while back some senator
Sounded like a noob
When he said the Internet
Was a series of tubes.

How on Earth can one guy
Be so out of touch?
How often does he surf the web?
I'm guessing not that much.

I'd almost given up on him,
My towel nearly thrown,
Until one day at Target,
When my mind was blown.

While in the Christmas aisle
Among the toys and food,
I noticed there was holiday Pez
Inside some plastic tubes.

So I can't fault the senator,
I think he tried his best,
He simply said "the Internet"
When what he meant was Pez.

Pez Karma
By CherPez

My softhead Penguin
Found in a yard sale toy bin
Mint stem, springs good. Wow.

Kosher Pez

I had a Pez dispenser,
I filled it up, oh yes.
And when I see my buddy,
I'll offer up a Pez.

O, little Pez dispenser, I filled you up, oh yes,
Little Pez dispenser, I'll offer up a Pez.

Santa Pez Is Coming To Town

So yesterday I got the call
And made my way out to the mall;

Never missed this chance at all
Time was short, they needed me.
And though I'm nearly 63,

People will erupt with glee
Ev'rytime they stop to see
Zany me in Santa's suit.

I sit there in my hat and boots,
Surrounded by those kids so cute

Coming with a list of loot,
On my lap they share their wants.
Me, I am quite nonchalant
I hear them out, I do not taunt,
No, instead I do respond,
Giving them a Pez to keep.

They smile and thank me, sometimes weep,
Over to their parents leap,

Telling of their new-found treat,
Offering such happiness.
With sights like this, I do profess:
Near Christmas' heart is always Pez.

Pez Haiku #82

Giant Vader Pez,
You loom atop my PC,
Standing while you Sith.

The Battle Hymn of the Pezhead

Mine eyes have seen the glory of a vintage Pez display,
It's filled with Pez dispensers from a host of holidays
It's a testament to all the time and money on eBay

Pez keeps on keepin' on.

I have seen a vintage Mickey and an Annie mint on card,
A Captain Hook in cello clearly held in high regard
And a Make-A-Face as well, along with all its many parts

Pez keeps on keepin' on.

I have seen so many Pez Pals like the Pirate and the Nurse,
The Universal Monsters, Yappy Dog, and Octopus
It's hard to find a group that is as nearly as diverse

Pez keeps on keepin' on.

So now I'm off to Cleveland and to Pezamania
Where I hope to find the glory that so many found before,
And before too long to hear it said with wonder and with awe,

Pez keeps on keepin' on.

The 2007 Pez Poetry Slam continues here...

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