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Pezhead Monthly
November 2009

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Pez Haiku #99

There's a World Series,
And there is a world of Pez.
Both are grand slams, man.

On the Occasion of the Wegmans Pez Truck

For seven years I scanned and bagged,
I pushed the carts and mopped the floors.
The customers were always Tops,
Unlike that other local store.

They came there weekly, in my line,
They used their Shopper's Club to save.
Yes, ev'ry day they got our best,
For that is what we always gave.

I do not work there anymore,
I've since moved sev'ral states away.
But when I heard the awesome news,
I almost drove back right that day.

It was my Wegmans, and my Pez!
Combined for an exclusive truck!
My folks are coming out next week.
They're bringing Pez, I am in luck!

Instead of carts, I now push Pez,
Instead of bags, another plastic.
With Wegmans Pez just days away,
I'm on the verge of quite fantastic.


There once was a Pezhead named Jerry
Whose favorite flavor was cherry
He'd comb through the racks
Till he found those packs,
With a focus both noble and scary.

Pez Almost-Quote of the Month top of page | cover page

"A Pez! A Pez! My kingdom for a Pez!"

My How You've Grown: Seven Years In The Life Of A Pez Display top of page | cover page

I've been collecting Pez for over 15 years now, and usually I am so busy looking for the next score or putting together the next epic Pez poem that I don't take time to reflect on how far I've come as a collector. When I first started collecting in college, my entire collection fit on a single shelf (and, due to the wind of Niagara Falls finding its way into the room whenever the window was opened, they often fell over). Since then I've moved five times, and along the way my collection has grown substantially. It wasn't until 2001, when I attended my first Pez convention, that my collection really started to skyrocket. Since then, it's not unusual for me to add 50 or more new dispensers each year (usually much more).

To get an idea of how far I've come even in the past seven years, here is my Pez display in November of 2002…

(click images for larger pictures)

And here is (most of) my display in November of 2009...

(click images for larger pictures)

Now, I will add a small disclaimer here. In 2002, I had not yet made the life-altering decision to liberate most of my European Pez from their cards and add them to my display (I kept them in the drawers which are visible to the right of the first picture in 2002). That being said, this would have only really added about 30 more dispensers to my display.

All of this begs the question: How will my Pez display look in 2016? I have no idea, but I'm looking forward to finding out!

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