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Pezhead Monthly
November 2009

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Spring Loaded: A Message from the Editor top of page | cover page

Welcome to the pages of Pezhead Monthly. Here is this month's video version of Spring Loaded!

(direct link here)

Thanks for reading (and watching), and see you next month!

Joe Durrant
Editor, Pezhead Monthly


Four Pez-Related Things That Make Me Say "Thanks" top of page | cover page

This is the season for giving thanks, so I'd like to express my gratitude for a variety of things that make life as a Pezhead easier and more enjoyable.

The Expand-A-Shelf

Essential to a good Pez display are the tiered shelves which hold the rows of loose Pez dispensers. Some Pezheads order these shelves from specialty merchants online or at Pez conventions; others are skilled enough to build them on their own. As for me, I get my shelves from Bed Bath and Beyond. Called the "Expand-A-Shelf" and advertised as a spice rack, it has a nice white color and wide tiers, and it can expand or contract depending on your display needs and the size of the cabinet or shelf you put it on. And it's cheap, too- only $10 per shelf, plus with the thousands of Bed Bath and Beyond 20% off coupons that arrive at your mailbox each week, the deal is even sweeter.

I'm a little worried that I am unable to locate the Expand-A-Shelf at BedBathAndBeyond.com, but a quick Google search confirms that there's no shortage of these wonderful little things at the click of a finger.

Pez Community/Pez List

Whenever I need a Pez pick-me-up, I head over to the Pez Community forums or the Pez list. While it's nice to hear about my fellow Pezheads' miracle garage sale scores, or to hear about upcoming dispensers that will be gracing stores in the near future, the real reason I am drawn to these sites is the firsthand accounts of new Pez in stores today. Without these sites, I never would have known about the new Toy Story dispensers at Toys R Us, the Ice Age dispensers at CVS, or the Wizard of Oz Pez at Family Video, to name just a few examples. True, sometimes the finds are at stores not in my area, and sometimes even when Pez is found at local stores I end up hitting many different locations (I'm looking at you, Walgreens). But a kickstart for a Pez hunt is never a bad thing and it makes the inevitable find that much sweeter.

When I find new Pez, I often try to return the favor by posting where I found it on Pez Community.

Pez conventions

Ever since attending my first Pez convention in 2001, I have been exposed to more Pez, and more Pezheads, than anywhere else. While the most enduring part of Pez conventions is the feeling of familiarity you share with fellow Pez collectors- that feeling of "I am not the only Pezhead!" that sometimes eludes you with friends and family back home- there is also of course the heaps and heaps of Pez that you add to your collection. I've found a fair number of vintage and unique current Pez on eBay, but it's not quite the same as visiting trusted dealers at conventions, chatting with them about the qualities of dispensers, and getting to hold the Pez in your hands, to really examine it and appreciate it, before finally deciding on it.

I could go on and on about how much fun I've had at Pez conventions, but instead of blistering up my fingers, I'd rather just point you in the general direction of my several recaps in the archive.

iPod Touch

At this point I've lost count of how many times I've mentioned how valuable the iPod Touch can be for Pezheads everywhere. The large touch screen displays photos of my Pez collection in bright, colorful, and zoomable fashion. Having quick access to these photos when on the Pez hunt helps me to make sure that I am not unintentionally adding duplicates to my collection, and allows me to fill in the gaps of existing collections with confidence. I am sure that there are similar devices out there that can accomplish the same thing, but for me, nothing tops the iPod Touch.

So I'll say it one more time (well, for now, anyway): Thank you, iPod Touch! And thanks to everything and everyone else that helps to make being a Pezhead truly where it's at.

(Editor's note- see also "Three Reasons Why I'm Thankful For Pez"- as true today as it was in 2001.)

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