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October 2013

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Spring Loaded: A Message from the Editor
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Hello to the 2013 Halloween Pez Dispensers
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A Note About The 2013 Pez Poetry Slam

Spring Loaded: A Message from the Editor (back to index)

Hello from deep inside the Pezhead Monthly headquarters!

I'll admit it's a bit odd to be posting the October issue with less than a week left in the month. But, I wanted to post a few quick updates before the Pez Poetry Slam issue, which I still plan on releasing at some point next month. Plus, it's almost Halloween, and I very much want to spread the Pez Halloween joy!

First off, rest assured that I am doing fine, there's just been a lot of stuff going on in my non-Pez life. I have not had much time lately to devote to Pez collecting, let alone this newsletter. Not to mention that my current computer setup requires 2 separate computers to get the website updated properly (a situation I hope to remedy in the near future). So as a result, updates to Pezhead Monthly have been rather sporadic, to put it mildly. In fact, this is only the fifth issue so far this year. Part of me thinks that renaming the newsletter to "Pezhead Occasionally" might be a good idea!

But then I quickly snap out of it, because despite whatever else may be going on, I am a Pezhead always, not just occasionally. So, onward we go.

First, a quick update from the September issue, where I talked about my adventures at this year's Pezamania 23. I included a picture of my scores, but I forgot one more set: Angry Birds! This European set is based on the insanely popular game of the same name that is mostly found on mobile devices like phones and tablets, and has spawned lots of spinoffs, including Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds Space, Angry Birds Star Wars, and more. While I did not pick up the set at Pezamania 23, I did order it there and it arrived at my doorstep a couple of weeks later. It's quite the hot set- check it out!

Also, I recently had the chance to return to Jungle Jim's. While I did already have most of the Pez that was for sale there, I did manage to find a couple of new things: an LA Dodgers MLB baseball that I did not have (to be honest, I am not sure how long it's been out), and the new Hobbit set, which is spectacular. Here it is, judge for yourself!

Then, just 2 days later, another Pez score came my way. I had been reading about a Best Buy exclusive Pez dispenser on Facebook. After dinner on a Tuesday, I thought I would try my local Best Buy (where I already go so often that they should probably give me my own parking spot). Sure enough, there was a whole bunch of them! I proudly present the Best Buy exclusive Sully Pez, which I am guessing is a tie in to the movie "Monsters University", which just came out on DVD/Blu-Ray!

As for this issue? Well, the pickings are a bit slim, but it's the thought that counts, right? Kicking things off is a cover image that is a Pezzified tribute to the frightening horror classic "Child's Play". It features the infamous Egg Baby Pez, who has starred on a few other Pezhead Monthly horror parody posters. There's also a Pez haiku this month, and a quick hello to this year's new Pez Halloween dispensers. Lastly, there's a link to Pezhead Monthly's Halloween page, a comprehensive place for all kinds of Pezhead Monthly Halloween treats from the archive.

And next month? Why, that would be the 2013 Pez Poetry Slam, thank you very much. It might not be as robust as Pez Poetry Slams have been in years past, and I might not be able to post it until later in the month, but I do enjoy putting it together. And, I do have at least one contributor this year. Maybe you would like to submit some Pez Poetry as well? The deadline for submissions is Saturday, November 2. Check out this page for details.

Thanks for reading, have a happy and safe Halloween, and see you next month!

Joe Durrant
Editor, Pezhead Monthly

Pez Poetry (back to index)

Pez Haiku #137

Pez without candy,
Like Gotham without Batman,
Is a scary thing.

Hello to the 2013 Halloween Pez Dispensers (back to index)

Here are the three Halloween Pez dispensers released this year:

"But wait!" I can hear you saying." There's just 2 Pez dispensers, a somewhat juvenile vampire and a ghost who is, as the kids say, raising the roof!" Well, look a little closer...

That's right, the ghost has a varation! One version has eyeballs and the other does not. Most ghosts in stores do not have the eyeballs, so if you found one, consider yourself lucky! Maybe not lucky enough to win the lottery, but hey, dream big!

The Pezhead Monthly Halloween Page (back to index)

A treasured classic since, well, a few years ago anyway, the Pezhead Monthly Halloween page contains all Halloween features from this publication over the years, not counting this issue. But trust me, there's been a lot of stuff!

Check out the Pezhead Monthly Halloween page here.

A Note About The 2013 Pez Poetry Slam (back to index)

As mentioned above, the 2013 Pez Poetry Slam will be taking placed in the November 2013 issue, which I hope to have online somewhere around mid-month. If you would like to contribute to the 2013 Pez Poetry Slam, please click here for details. Thanks!


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