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Pezhead Monthly
October 2004

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Petey O'Jay top of page | cover page

In this month's installment, Petey dons the most frightening costume of them all.

Pez Poetry top of page | cover page

Pez Haiku #45

When a Pumpkin Pez
Is emptied, it is truly
A Pez Hollowing.

Pez Almost-Quote of the Month top of page | cover page

"So many Pez, so little time."










Exclusive Bonus Track!!

A Final Note top of page | cover page

Cow, A Pez
To the tune of "Doe, a Deer"
Copyright 2004 JoePez Publications

Cow, a Pez, a Vintage Pez,
Bart, a Giant Simpsons treat!
Elf, a Christmas gift to all,
Hulk, the meanest Pez you'll meet!
Nerd, one really Funky Face,
Darth, what can I say but "wow!"
Witch, I dig your glowing face,
That will bring us back to

Cow! A Pez, a Vintage Pez,
Bart! A Giant Simpsons treat!
Elf! A Christmas gift to all,
Hulk! The meanest Pez you'll meet!
Nerd! One really Funky Face,
Darth! What can I say but "wow!"
Witch! I dig your glowing face,
That will bring us back to--

This song is hereby dedicated to our former Five Questions interviewer, who is now a baked potato.

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