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September 2014

Spring Loaded: A Message From The Editor

Welcome once again to Pezhead Monthly. This month's issue features a photo essay of my recent visit to the Pez Visitor Center with my girlfriend Jes. We had a really great time and I heartily recommend that you check out this can't-miss Pez locale!

Since returning from the Pez Visitor Center, I've also come across a few other Pez scores. Look for details in the next issue!

Take care and see you next month!

Joe Durrant
Editor, Pezhead Monthly

Two Visitors Visit The Pez Visitor Center: A Pezhead Monthly Photo Essay

Fresh off of our Pezamania 24 adventure, my girlflriend and I traveled to Boston for our summer vacation. Just a few hours away from that great city is Orange, Connecticut, home to the one and only Pez Visitor Center. I first visited this magical place 2 years ago as part of the 14th Northeast Pez Collector's Gathering. On a slightly overcast but still quite beautiful day in August, I made my return, this time with Jes.

Below are some pictures we took of our time at the Pez Visitor Center. Keep in mind that there was a lot more to see, and this is just a fraction of the experience! Be sure to check out my 2012 recap for some more great pics.

When we entered the place, the first thing we noticed was the giant (and I mean giant) Pez dispenser by the front door. There was also a cool mobile of giant Pez candies and some giant Hello Kitty and Darth Vader Pez dispensers.

Towards the back of the Visitos Center, there are Pez vending machines that dispense Pez candies in buckets. Some of the freshest Pez candy you will ever eat! I was very happy to pick up three buckets after posing for this picture.

At this point, we traveled up to to the second level for more fun. And what did we take? The EleVader, of course. Well played, Pez Visitor Center, well played.

When we got to the second floor, Jes was quite excited to play a Pez memory game, while I felt the need to strike a kung fu pose with a giant Grasshopper Pez.

After some more exploring and some Pez purchases, we made our way out to the front lobby again, where a giant wall of Pez awaited us. Jes found Jes, and Joe found Bats.

Before we left, Jes posed on a bench that was in the shape of some giant rolls of Pez candy, underneath a very cool piece of Pez artwork, and I posed outside with all of the Pez loot I had scored!

So, what was in those bags? Lots of stuff indeed. Here, have a look!

All in all, we had a fantastic time at the Pez Visitor Center. I am sure we will be back again!

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