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Spring Loaded: A Message from the Editor
Pezamania 23
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A Note About The 2013 Pez Poetry Slam

Spring Loaded: A Message from the Editor (back to index)

Hello and welcome to Pezhead Monthly! It's been a busy couple of months. In addition to Pezamania, I took a vacation to the great cities of Seattle and Portland. In fact, Seattle was the site of my most recent Pez scores: a cool Pez wallet (actually, my second unique Pez wallet) and the Seattle Mariners baseball cap dispenser.

In this month's issue, I talk about a few of my highlights from Pezamania 23, including all the awesome scores I picked up. There is also some Pez Poetry and a Pez Almost-Quote. And lastly, even though I have yet to catch up on the acclaimed television show Breaking Bad (a binge-watching marathon is in my future), I hope you enjoy this month's Pezzified cover image.

For those of you expecting to see the 2013 Pez Poetry Slam in this month's issue, my apologies. I could use a bit more time to put it together. If you would like to contribute to the 2013 Pez Poetry Slam, please click here for details. Thanks!

Links to the main sections of are at the bottom of this page. Thanks for reading, and see you next month for the Halloween issue!

Joe Durrant
Editor, Pezhead Monthly

Pezamania 23: Zombie, Caps, and Sellin' Like Magellan (back to index)

For a few hot days in July, in the Cleveland suburb of Independence, I once again attended the epic Pez convention known as Pezamania. This year's convention, Pezamania 23, did not disappoint.

While I did not partake in the full Pezamania experience this year (I did not play Pezamania Wars or stay for the Saturday night carnival games), and while I won't break down the action here in extreme detail as I have done in years past, there are a couple of highlights worth mentioning. One of my bigger accomplishments this time around was clearing out a lot of my extras. I had accumulated many extra Pez items over the past few years, and I really needed to make some space for, among other things, all of the new Pez I was planning on getting at this convention. So I sold many of them, and at dirt cheap prices. Between the Thursday night swap party and selling from my room on Friday, I was able to clear out two paper boxes of carded Pez, some extra collector sets, and more. One of the people who bought many of my carded Pez told me that she was going to give them as gifts to children at the Lions Club International, which was nice to hear.

Another highlight was the Diceamania games. Even though Diceamania was once again a bust for me, at least I sat at a fun table (I would say, hands down, the most fun table in the room). I came in a bit late, but I was lucky to find that table had an extra chair, and they were kind enough to invite me over. I've known many of the Pezheads at that table for years. While our wins were on the slim side, there was no shortage of laughs and good times. And possibly a few drinks.

As for my scores? Oh yes, there were plenty. Life's been a little busy since the convention, so until very recently I haven't had a chance to look over all of my new additions. I had forgotten how many new Pez I had picked up!

The two vintage pieces I picked up were Lil' Lion and the Eerie Spectres Zombie. Zombie marks my fourth Eerie Spectre dispenser. Only two more to go until I get the whole set! I am very excited. I usually get one per convention, so I might not wrap the set up next year, but the year after will be my year. I've only completed one other vintage set, the softhead Superheroes (like the Superheroes, the Eerie Spectres are also softheads, and are some of the very few dispensers that were made in the USA).

I also picked up many of the recent Pez baseball caps. Out of the 17 total, I picked up 11 at the convention and an additional 2 caps in other places. Only 4 more to go for that whole set! Looks like a visit to eBay is in my near future.

Other highlights of my scores included the new Mario and Hello Kitty sets, a groovy fantasy Stormtrooper, some great Pez-themed Garbage Pail Kids, another Psychedelic Eye on a nice purple stem, and the set of Stanley Cups. I almost made a big mistake with those Stanley Cups. I picked up 5 out of the 6 of them loose. Soon thereafter, I realized that pretty much everyone else was selling them as a complete set. I was getting worried that I would not be able to pick up that final cup, Boston Bruins, on its own. Fortunately, one dealer was kind enough to sell me a loose one. Thanks again Russ! You really saved my bacon, eh.

Here is a picture of all of my Pezamania 23 scores. You can click on the picture for a much larger version.

Click the image for a much larger version!

In addition to my scores, I picked up a few other things for my girlfriend. She is a big fan of socks and flip flops, and while room-hopping I was quite happy to find her some Pez socks and flip flops from Japan. I also picked up another set of the new Mario Pez for her. The timing was perfect, as we celebrated 5 years together just a few days after Pezamania 23.

Speaking of my girlfriend, more than one person asked about her at Pezamania. They regularly see our adventures on Facebook and asked me why I've never brought her with me to Cleveland. So next year, I will at long last finally be bringing her to Pezamania. I took her to the Minnesota convention, MN PezCon, last year, but that was a smaller one and we only went to the Saturday floor show. Pezamania is a whole other thing, and we'll be going for the full Thursday thru Saturday experience. After 5 years together, she is well aware of my Pez hobby, and in fact actively supports it (or should I say, enables it). She may be a bit overwhelmed by all of it, but I think she will have a great time.

So that wraps up another fantastic Pezamania. Thanks again to John and Linda for hosting, and to Rick and all the other volunteers who help to make this convention such an unforgettable experience that can't be missed. I am glad I was able to go and look forward to returning next year!

Pez Poetry (back to index)

Pez Haiku #136

Ben Affleck, Batman:
Another variation
For the collection.

Pez Almost-Quote of the Month (back to index)

"That Pez display really tied the room together."

SharkPezNado (back to index)

I posted this to the Pezhead Monthly Facebook and Twitter feeds a while back, but here it is again: the harrowing trailer for SharkPezNado!

Direct video link here

A Note About The 2013 Pez Poetry Slam (back to index)

As mentioned above, the 2013 Pez Poetry Slam, previously planned for this issue, will now take place in the November 2013 issue. I could use a little extra time to put it together. If you would like to contribute to the 2013 Pez Poetry Slam, please click here for details. Thanks!


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