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Pezhead Monthly
September 2007

Hi everyone,

There have been a lot of exciting developments in the Pez world lately and I can't wait to share them with you. Unfortunately, a hectic schedule has prevented me from devoting the proper time this month. Pezhead Monthly will however return in October with a complete issue, so be on the look for it then.

In the meantime, please enjoy the following three poems taken from previous issues of Pezhead Monthly that relate to September and Autumn. And also remember that you can view all back issues by visiting the Archive page.

I'll see you back on these pages in October. Also, though a more formal announcement will follow, I wanted to pass along that the 2007 Pez Poetry Slam will be happening this year in the December 2007 issue, and it's never too early to submit your Pez poetry.

Take care and talk to you soon!

Editor, Pezhead Monthly

An Autumnal Pez Sonnet

(originally published September 2002)

As Summer's final breaths are soon exhaled,
An Autumn child once again is born.
The days of grilling out and setting sail
Give way to falling leaves and paths of corn.
But Pezheads have no need to sulk and mourn,
No reason to despair the setting sun;
A season of conventions may be worn,
But new dispensers mark another one.

The leaves are yellow, green, and shades of red,
Much like the newest Pez of Halloween
That glow in darkness to be always seen.
So don't lament the season, but instead
Behold the colors and the change they bring;
To Autumn and to Pez rise up and sing!

Pez Haiku #30
(originally published October 2003)

Though temperatures
May drop in these autumn months,
Pez is on the rise.

(originally published September 2004)

Do you remember
The month of September?
It's like a small ember
And you know I ain't lyin'.

For 'twas in September
When my Pez you dismembered
And it took till November
For me to stop cryin'

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