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Pezhead Monthly
September 2002

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Spring Loaded: A Message from the Editor top of page | cover page

Due to a wealth of content in this month's issue of Pezhead Monthly, I will keep this column short. I do have to say that I am looking forward to the cooler weather that autumn will bring, if for no other reason than I will finally be able to leave my Joe Cool Pez dispenser attached to my steering wheel without fearing it might melt in the summer sun.

It's hard to match the high I came off from after July's fantastic convention. Still, August was a pretty good month on the collecting front. Not only did I come across the new Glow-In-The-Dark Halloween dispensers, but I also stumbled upon the new Homer Simpson Giant Pez and the new set of Sourz dispensers. Oh happy day, indeed.

This month's Pezhead Monthly is jam-packed with lots of stuff. The feature article explores the goings on at Pezhead University, a trailblazing educational beacon for Pezheads everywhere. Also in the issue is the Five Questions feature with the Jungle Mission Pez dispenser, and the ever-present Pez Poetry and Pez Almost-Quote of the Month.

Take care, and thanks for reading. See you next month!

Joe Durrant
Editor, Pezhead Monthly


Pezhead University: Be True To Your School top of page | cover page

Pezhead UniversityWith the 2002-2003 college season set to start, Pezhead Monthly poses the obvious question: where do Pez collectors and enthusiasts go to expand their awareness of the Pez universe? Sure, conventions come to mind, as do great online groups such as www.pezlist.com. But what about the Pezhead who is aching for a more structured Pez curriculum?

In its never-ending quest to fully serve the academic Pez community, Pezhead Monthly would like to shed some light on the hypothetical college known as Pezhead University. Below you will find a welcome message from Dr. Tmeback, Dean of Pezhead University, followed by a closer look at the faculty and some of the courses at the college.

Welcome to Pezhead University

As the Dean of Pezhead University, it is my pleasure to welcome you to this fine bastion of Pez higher learning.

Founded in 1952, this institution has become in increasingly high demand over the years for all those wishing to advance in the Pez studies. Our nationally recognized curriculum, as well as our top notch, professional faculty, make us the place to come for Pezheads around the world.

Our award winning academic departments include Collecting, Displaying, Pricing, Pez Technology, Pez Culture, and Liberal Arts. These departments offer a variety of challenging and stimulating classes created specifically with the Pez enthusiast in mind.

In addition, we have a very active student life here at Pezhead University. We have guest speakers come in, we have the occasional concert from such top bands as Less Than Jake, and I have had many students come up to me and say that Pezhead University is "a great place to get loaded." And I agree with that sentiment, because at Pezhead U, not only do your Pez dispensers get loaded with delicious candy, but your minds get loaded with an in-depth knowledge and appreciation for the wonder that is Pez.

For those of you who want to learn about law, I suggest you go to Yale. For those of you interested in a career in technology, may I humbly recommend you to MIT. However, for those of you interested in the vast and promising field of Pez studies, Pezhead University is where you need to be.


Dr. Tilliam "Till" Tmeback
Dean, Pezhead University

The Faculty

Pezhead University boasts a wide array of professional faculty who are experts in their field and who are dedicated to serving the academic needs of their students. Here are brief biographies of two of the university's most esteemed faculty members.

Dr. Pez

Dr. Pez is Pezhead University's most veteran professor. Joining the faculty team in 1978, Dr. Pez has taught more than 200 classes and has seen almost 5,000 Pezheads earn their degrees. His areas of expertise include Dispenser Psychology, Pez Addiction, and Pez Rehabilitation.

Dr. Pez is the author of the internationally recognized book, "Our Dispensers, Our Selves" and has had no less than 73 articles published in at least somewhat reputable medical journals. His latest article, "The Effects of an Accidental Pez Candy Release on the Human Eye," has recently achieved a "Possibly Pending" from The New England Journal of Medicine.

When not lecturing at Pezhead University, Dr. Pez is known for his active involvement in the community and his work as a paid consultant to the literary newsletter Pezhead Monthly.

Dr. Skull

A recent addition to Pezhead University, Dr. Skull is no stranger to the academic world. Although he looks menacing, with his bony head and missing front tooth, his credits as an instructor are actually quite noble.

Dr. Skull's particular forte is placing Pez within a broader realm of psychology, sociology, and popular culture. He explores the motivations for people to collect and the patterns of Pez collecting across societies and across cultures. While some elder professors scoff at his unconventional approach to Pez studies, he is a consistent favorite of students because of his candor, wit, and trademark high collar.

More than just an engaging character, however, Dr. Skull has authored 14 books, including his quintessential sociological study, "The Pezhead Mystique" in 1986. In his spare time he is an aspiring playwright and one of the grooviest Pez dispensers of all time.

Academic Departments and Course Descriptions

Here is a sample of some of the better-known departments and courses offered at Pezhead University.

Department of Collecting

COL 101: Fundamentals of Pez Collecting

This course is a requirement for all Department of Collecting majors. It provides a broad overview of what it takes to be an exceptional Pez collector. Specific topics touched on include flea market hunting, convention hopping, basic eBay theory, and realizing your financial limitations.

COL 141: Advanced eBay Theory

As any good collector will tell you, eBay is the place to find some of the best Pez deals. However, a keen eye and a cautious clicking finger can save time, money, and heartache. This course touches on when to place a bid, how to cope when you cannot meet the reserve price, and the importance of leaving honest feedback for your seller. Also covered are items of concern to sellers, such as items without pictures and the proliferation of Darth Vader dispensers with the outrageous asking price of $5 each.

Prerequisite: COL 101: Fundamentals of Pez Collecting

Department of Displaying

DIS 101: Introduction to Pez Collection Displaying

The importance of displaying one's Pez is not to be underestimated. This course touches upon ways to show Pez collections to the world. Specific topics include the curio cabinet, the Wal-Mart Expand-a-Shelf, and the always engaging world of homemade displays.

Department of Pez Technology

PTC 201: Pez and the World Wide Web

The Internet has provided excellent ways for Pezheads to connect, learn, organize, and grow. This class covers some of the websites in each of these areas that have allowed Pez to become such a wonderful hobby. Examples include eBay, Pez.com (the official site of Pez Candy, Inc., and not affiliated in any way with Pezhead University), Pezlist.com, and PezCentral.com, among many others. Also covered in this class are internationally recognized techniques to help you interact with your fellow Pezheads online, such as list etiquette and effective use of eBay.

Prerequisite: COL 101: Fundamentals of Pez Collecting
Recommended: COL 141: Advanced eBay Theory

Department of Pez Culture

PCU 101: Pez in Pop Culture

This class is a good introduction to the variety of ways Pez has been represented in pop culture. Examples include early magazine advertisements all the way up to the Tweety Pez episode of "Seinfeld."

PCU 121: Becoming Part of Pez Culture

This hands-on class covers ways in which you can creatively express your own love of Pez, such as joining the online Pez community, creating Pez Web sites, wearing Pez Halloween costumes, and submitting your literary work to Pezhead Monthly for consideration in a future issue.

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