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Pezamania 25!

In just 2 days, I will once again be in Cleveland, Ohio for the big Pezamania convention. This will be Pezamania 25, and looks to be the biggest yet, with lots of people and all kinds of fun guaranteed. It will be great to see old friends, and meet many new people, I am sure. And of course, I will be picking up some new Pez. This year, I think I will start the Universal Monsters set (Frankenstein, Wolfman, and Creature from the Black Lagoon).

In celebration of the big event, the above picture is a (further) Pezzification of the Star Trek: The Next Generation collector set, featuring subjects of various Pezhead Monthly features from previous issues.

For further celebration, here is 24 Days of Pezamania, a collection of Pez convention-related features I put together last year, including stuff from the archives and a few new features too. The new features included a Photoshop that can partially be owed to Google Earth, a Beetlejuice homage, a video slideshow of my Pezamania story to date, and, my personal favorite, a video featuring the glorious convergence of Pezamania (beyond just the convention) and Hulkamania.

Here's me, in just 2 short days:


Direct link here.

Looking forward to Pezamania 25!

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