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Pezhead Monthly
July 2009

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Spring Loaded: A Message from the Editor top of page | cover page

Welcome once again to Pezhead Monthly! If you haven't read the 2009 Pez Poetry Slam yet, you can find it here.

This issue deals with two major Pez-related events- my recent visit to the Burlingame Museum of Pez Memorabilia (see the feature story, accompanying song parody, and a Pez poem), and the upcoming Pezamania 19 (see this month's cover image and another Pez poem). There's also some more Pez poetry and the Pez Almost-Quote to round out the issue.

I am very excited to be presenting a LIVE Pez Poetry Slam at this year's Pezamania on Friday, July 17. I hope that you can make it! Look for a recap of this event, and my entire experience at Pezamania 19, in next month's issue.

Thanks for reading and see you next month!

Joe Durrant
Editor, Pezhead Monthly


Goin' Down to Burlingame top of page | cover page

Last month I had the extraordinary pleasure to visit the Burlingame Museum of Pez Memorabilia in Burlingame, California. And I am happy to report that this place is a must-see for any Pezhead, or for that matter anyone with even a passing interesting the hobby, who is able to make the trip. Book that flight to San Francisco, get yourself on the BART and then the Caltrain, and prepare to get lost in the wonderful world of Pez. Herewith is a personal account of my visit, casually interspersed with photos.

I had always wanted to visit San Francisco, and going to Burlingame was always going to be a part of that trip. We managed to fit a lot into the three days we were there, but the first thing we did, and one of the highlights of the trip, was making the trip down south to Burlingame. True, I had already purchased a Fantasy Photo Pez and a Fantasy Obama dispenser from the Burlingame museum, but going there in person is another experience altogether.

When we rounded the corner and saw the sign that said "PEZ MUSEUM," my heart skipped a beat, or seven, or twenty-three. In fact I may have been legally dead there for a moment or two from all the anticipation. Then we got closer. And closer. And closer still. And when we finally arrived, I was, perhaps, somewhat pleased to be there.

(Note: click on this picture and each following one for a larger view.)

We entered the store to find all kinds of current Pez, everywhere, for sale. In fact, the only time I saw more Pez for sale in a single place was BA Sweetie in Cleveland (where I will be visiting again shortly for Pezamania 19). We were greeted by Nancy and Gary, two incredibly nice people who also happen to run the museum. We chatted a little bit and I am sure that I was babbling about how ever since I had heard of the place it had been a goal of mine to one day make it to this Mecca of Pez collecting. I also offered Gary a paper copy of this year's Pezhead Monthly Pez Poetry Slam and he gladly accepted it.

Gary then led us to the back room, where all the magic happens. Within an instant we were surrounded by the largest, most diverse, and most impressive collection of Pez memorabilia that I think I've ever seen.

Where to begin? Let's start with the big sign that Gary won off of eBay for a very reasonable price. This was one of the original neon signs from the official Pez headquarters in Austria. As you can see, I was somewhat pleased to see this.

Right below the sign was a nice collection of all kind of dispensers, with some complete sets such as the Superhero and Universal Monster softheads. There was also this nice display of humans and fruit.

Near this display there was a classic Pez vending machine that Gary said was found in New Jersey in quite a damaged state before he had it restored.

There were also a series of small and well-done dioramas put together that sat across the top shelf. It is the sort of creative spirit behind these pieces that is the driving force of each and every issue of this very newsletter. It would be improper of me not to share a couple of them here, and there are plenty more where these come from:

The story continues here...

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