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Pezhead Monthly
June 2011

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Spring Loaded: A Message from the Editor top of page | cover page

Welcome to Pezhead Monthly!

This month, I am proud to feature the 2011 Pez Poetry Slam, an extended collection of Pez poems for your (hopefullly at least fleeting) enjoyment. You'll laugh, you'll cry, and you'll be reminded on more than one occasion of the magic and wonder of Pez. This is the ninth Pez Poetry Slam that Pezhead Monthly has published (you can check out the archives for the others). This edition includes 17 Pez poems- the most yet for any single Pez Poetry Slam!

Big thanks are due to Lisa Martell for her three contributions this year. Thanks are also due to, who provided the idea and the technical mojo for the 2011 Pez Poetry Slam graphic.

Enjoy the issue, and see you next month!

Joe Durrant
Editor, Pezhead Monthly

2011 Pez Poetry Slam top of page | cover page

Pez Is There

Stamford, Cleveland,
Myrtle Beach.
There's always Pez
Within your reach.

St. Louis, L.A.,
Man, you'll be so
Glad you showed up.

Doesn't matter
Where you may be,
Pez is there, so
Grab it, baby!

Pez Haiku #118

I can build a house
Out of the Pez candy bricks
That I have consumed.

Priceless Pez
by Lisa Martell

Pez, Pez makes my world go around
as I travel from town to town

Always searching for that "diamond in the rough"
at times can be discouraging and really tough

Would my dedication and patience ever pay off
as I dig through boxes and look under stuff?

What before my wandering eyes had appeared
but a hand painted, die-cut Mickey I've searched for for years!

A rare find like that would be hard to top
but Andrea and I persevered and traveled non-stop

From flea markets to yard sales
state to state

Gave us great incentive
to NEVER wake up late

On with our search that led us to a market
where finding Bullwinkle with a brown stem would find a home in my pocket

With amazing finds I consider my treasures
I 'til this day find Pez hunting a pleasure!


There once was a Pezhead named Al
Who happened upon a yard sale.
When he saw that shoebox,
He shouted “This rocks!”
And went home with vintage Pez Pals.

Thor, Revisited

It is still fresh within my mind,
The moment of my biggest score:
It was the day that I did find
The vintage Pez of Mighty Thor.

Such craftmanship, so very nice
A piece of art, surreal, sublime
And true, I paid a hefty price,
But he was worth it, ev'ry dime.

I took him home, that God of Thunder,
Inside my curio he stands.
And now and then I stare in wonder,
Such strong attention he commands.

And then a couple months ago,
In Stamford, hopping room to room,
I saw it there and shouted “Whoa!”
Could it be? Should I presume?

It was my Thor! Yet it was not!
This new Pez caught me off my guard!
Again the hero's sun was hot,
Lookin' sharp, and mint on card.

And now I find myself enamored
Of heroes from today and past
And by the power of Thor's hammer,
This mighty Pez is built to last.

Pez Haiku #119

Oprah quit her show
So she could spend more time with
Her Pez dispensers.


I got a text from John,
And it read “OMG.”
But when I asked him what was up,
He just said “BRB.”

I got a text from Paul;
I asked him what he meant by that,
Because, man, IDK.

I got a text from George,
It shouted “LOL”
I wondered if his laugh was truly
Also IRL.

I sent a text to all
It was “PDOJ”
But no one cared that I found Pez

A Sonnet for Backwards Spidey

O Backwards Spidey, what a cruel fate!
Your face, eternally against a card.
A life so solitary must be hard
For someone who this troubled world awaits.
Did Dr. Octopus put out some bait
That caught you so completely off your guard?
You'd think your Spidey sense would do its part
To keep you from your trapped and helpless state.
At least your sad condition lets you rest
From slinging webs and climbing all those walls,
From nabbing thugs and getting into brawls.
But now there is a villain you can't best:
A Pez collector who looks on in glee,
And doesn't want to set his hero free.

by Lisa Martell

Pez, delicious treats
Dispenser, fun to play with
Fun for everyone!

The 2011 Pez Poetry Slam continues here!


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