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Pezhead Monthly
June 2009

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Spring Loaded: A Message from the Editor top of page | cover page

Welcome to the pages of Pezhead Monthly, and to the 2009 Pez Poetry Slam!

This year there are 13 Pez poems for your reading, nay, feeling enjoyment. They are in a variety of formats, including haiku, limerick, shaped poetry, and more. There are even reimaginings of classic poems from the likes of Robert Frost and William Ross Wallace. And a big thanks to Efi and Randy Owens for their contributions this year. Much appreciated!

A reminder: The 2009 Pez Poetry Slam has only just begun. I will be hosting a LIVE Pez Poetry Slam at Pezamania 19 in July. Your poems, your performance, and/or your presence are more than welcome! Click here for details.

Thanks again for reading the 2009 Pez Poetry Slam. Take care are see you next month, when I will recap my trip to the Burlingame Museum of Pez Memorabilia!

Joe Durrant
Editor, Pezhead Monthly

2009 Pez Poetry Slam top of page | cover page

Pez Haiku #92

My first time in
The Disney Store was magic:
I got some new Pez.

The First One On The Shelf
By Efi

Once- upon a time
I was alone -
I was the first one

All I had to do is simply
stand and smile -
that was enough
to make HER happy.

And I was THE ONE.

Then the others started to come
In the beginning
One by one

And I was excited -
More of us
The same candy
The same patent
But yet different colors and styles

And still all we had to do
Is stand nicely in a row
And smile.
And that made HER
Even more happy.

Now we are too many
Rows and rows and rows
Hundreds of us
Standing steel and smiling
Wishing SHE will notice us

Now I am standing in the back row
With the one alike -
Old, and half forgotten

But deep in inside I know
That even though the new ones
Get her full attention
And will stand there on the front line
Deep inside I will always remain
THE FIRST PEZ in her collection


There once was a Pezhead named Sid
Who craved all things Pez-related
He went near insane
At an aquarium in Spain
With the number of times Pez was stated.

End Game

People ask me sometimes,
Hey, what's your end game, bro?
Five thousand Pez, or maybe ten?
Or do you even know?

And when the day does come
When you run out of space,
Will you finally call it quits,
Or get a bigger place?

So how far's this thing going?
Until you're old and gray?
Will you be adding more Pez
Until your dying day?

I understand the questions,
I get them now and then.
So let me give an answer
To you, my curious friend.

To say I have an end game
Assumes I plan to stop,
That one day I'll have had enough
Of flipping back those tops.

But when I hit five thousand,
I'll want five thousand three,
And when I'm running out of space,
I'll make some more, you see.

And when I'm on my deathbed,
Awaiting final rest,
That will be the day I end
This Pez collecting quest.

Office Pez, Revisited

I used to drive to work,
But now I work at home.
And still the meetings do take place,
Just now, they're on the phone.

My office, in the Pez room,
Is quite a sharp contrast.
Those plastic wonders sure do help
The workday to go fast.

I haven't shaved in 20 days,
My lounge pants are so cozy.
And now with Pez just feet away,
The outlook sure is rosy.

Pez Haiku #93

Batman with logo
Found mint on card: So much for
That Collector's set.

Nothing Loaded Can Stay

A loaded chamber is gold,
Twelve candies it does hold.
But soon this tasty brand
Will be in high demand.
Then Pez will follow Pez,
And then, an emptiness.
Twelve candies, gone away;
Nothing loaded can stay.

The 2009 Pez Poetry Slam continues here...

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