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Pezhead Monthly
May 2005

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Spring Loaded: A Message from the Editor top of page | cover page

Welcome to the 4th annual Pez Poetry Slam! Every year Pezhead Monthly dedicates an entire issue to Pez Poetry in all its wondrous forms. This year we have a great issue for you to enjoy. Many thanks to Phyllis Supplees, Randy Owens, and M.T. Chambers for contributing to this year's Pez Poetry Slam!

Next month will feature a return to the more usual, multifeature format of Pezhead Monthly. As for now, sit back, relax, and enjoy some Pez Poetry!

Joe Durrant
Editor, Pezhead Monthly

2005 Pez Poetry Slam top of page | cover page

Pez Haiku #51

I am reimagining
My Pez dispensers.

By Phyllis Suplees

I have a friend that collects Pez-is
I don't understand the hype is what I says-is
My friend has tons
Says it's lots of fun
That's all about my friend that collects Pez-is

Twelve Stanzas for Twelve Candies

The head goes back,
One Pez comes out,
A full pack once,
Now one without.

I'll tell you what,
That tasted great.
A second Pez?
I cannot wait!

The third one now!
And look, it's grape!
My favorite,
There's no escape.

A grape? Again?
My lucky day!
Four candies now
Have come my way.

I've heard that Pez
Is but a myth.
I ponder this
On Pez the fifth.

To think this Pez
Was in a store!
Now six are gone,
There's just six more.

From here on in,
It's all downhill.
The seventh Pez,
My tasty pill.

A friend arrives,
He's looking blue.
Pez Number Eight
Will get him through.

Another friend?
Another Pez!
The more the better,
This I says!

A line is forming,
Wall to wall,
Pez for one
And Pez for all!

Hold on now!
I've lost my place!
I'm almost out,
What a disgrace!

The twelfth! Egads!!
The end of road!
That settles it,
I must reload.

Love That Pez
By Randy Owens

Love that Pez, every day
Hope it never goes away.
Love that Pez, every night
It always makes me feel so right.
Love that Pez, I really do.
Love that Pez, now how 'bout you?

The 2005 Pez Poetry Slam continues on the next page.

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