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Spring Loaded: A Message from the Editor

Welcome to Pezhead Monthly!

This month's news is... well, there really is no news. At least, not yet. You see, for the first time in a long time, I went an entire month without adding any new Pez to my collection. In fact, as of this writing, the Pez draught has lasted for more than 7 weeks. I've been busy, including going on a trip to Dallas, celebrating my girlfriend's birthday, and getting a new iPad, but alas, outside of a few Easter store flyers featuring Pez candy (thank you, Target and Walgreens!), there was no new Pez to be had. 

But don't cry for me, Pezzentina. The truth is, I never left you. Because in less than 2 weeks, the Pez train is going to once again be charging full steam ahead, as I make my way to the 14th NE PezCon in Connecticut, which will include a bus trip to the Pez factory Visitor Center, where we will be treated to a VIP experience that I am sure we will never forget. I am hearing that Pezheads from all over the country, and in some cases the world, will be making their way to this convention, so it is sure to be a good time. Look for a recap of my adventures in next month's issue.

For now, I will leave you with this month's cover image- a Pezzified version of the upcoming "Three Stooges" movie, which is sure to become an instant classic. I would bet my entire Pez collection on it! Or, you know, maybe not!  Plus, below there are some seasonal items from the archives that you may enjoy.

One more thing: a new shirt has been added to the Pezhead Monthly CafePress store. It includes the Pez Almost-Quote "I find your lack of Pez disturbing." This shirt may make an appearance at the NE PezCon, but only on me, and not for sale! But fear not. you can always pick up your own shirt here.

Thanks as always for reading, and see you next month!

Joe Durrant
Editor, Pezhead Monthly

Some Spring Things From the Pezhead Monthly Archives

Pez Poetry

Pez and Spring

The time is here, yes,
Spring has sprung,
And much like Pez
Upon my tongue,
This season makes
Me feel so young;
It truly is another birth.

The snow has melted,
Gone away,
The parks are filled
With kids at play,
And Easter Pez
Is here today,
All measures of the season's worth.

Flowers bloom
In flowerbeds,
As browns give way
To greens and reds,
And Pez dispensers
Tilt their heads,
Springing youth upon the Earth.

Pez Haiku #36

Do April showers
Bring May flowers? I hope they
At least bring some Pez.

Hooray for Spring

The snow is melting, grass appears.
Hooray, I say, for Spring is here!
Toss the shovel in the shed,
There are sunny days ahead.

The day starts sooner, and I cheer.
Hooray, I say, for Spring is here!
Awaken from that cozy bed,
Go outside and walk instead.

The air is mild, sky is clear.
Hooray, I say, for Spring is here!
Take those earmuffs off your head,
The biting cold you need not dread.

Easter Pez? Oh my, oh dear.
Hooray, I say, for Spring is here!
Grab those stems of green and red,
Dispense some Pez, that's what I said!

Every April

Every April it is here,
The grand tradition reappears.
Fans line up for miles 'round,
Knowing joy will soon be found.

Parents bring their little tikes,
Teens come riding on their bikes.
Crowds are gathered, cheers are made,
Such sheer elation is displayed.

What's that, you say? It's baseball time?
I had no clue, oh friend of mine.
Is that what you thought this about?
I'm sorry, but your luck is out.

While baseball's quite an awesome thing,
And certainly a rite of Spring,
Alas, it's nowhere near as nice
As Easter Pez on clearance price.

Pez Haiku #75

Spring is here again:
My allergies come out like
Pez from dispensers.

Pez Spring

Pez Spring

Other Stuff

The Flip Side: Is Spring The Perfect Season for Pez? - With the season of Spring now officially upon us, the question on everyone's mind is obviously: Is Spring the perfect season for Pez? Here to share their opinions in another installment of Pezhead Monthly's occasional feature, "The Flip Side," are Cool Pez and Angry Pez.

Pezhead University's Spring BreakWith Spring Break just around the corner, Pezhead University once again comes through for a nation in dire need of partying. Following an update message from Dr. Tmeback, Dean of Pezhead University, you will find a list of some of the activities in which students from Pezhead U. will be partaking this year.

Petey O'Jay

Petey O'Jay

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