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April 2011


Spring Loaded: A Message from the Editor

Welcome to Pezhead Monthly!

This issue of Pezhead Monthly is a rather short one. This is because I have mainly been planning for the 13th Northeast Pez Convention, set to take place April 7-9 in Stamford, Connecticut. This includes packing, preparing my Pez wish list, and, as recently published on the USA Today Pop Candy blog, putting together a Pez playlist. I've also spent a lot of time updating my Pez photo library, including pictures of dispensers that were added to my collection from all the way back to July. So, you can consider this month's issue more of a transitional one, in between last month's Pezzy Awards and next month's inevitable recap of the Northeast Pez convention. Still, you can enjoy a couple of Pez poems and a warlock-inspired Pez Almost-Quote of the Month. Oh, and one more thing: the 2011 Pez Poetry Slam is coming soon! See below for details.

I will say that, in addition to the wealth of Pez sure to be available at the upcoming Pez convention, I did manage to add a few new Pez scores in March. I found the newest dispenser in the Thomas the Train set, Toby (#7, the caboose), a couple more factory error cards (I have quite a few of these now!), and new Pez t-shirts at Kohl's and the Pezhead Monthly Printfection store.

For those attending the Northeast Pez convention, I hope to see you there! I know there will be some people I've met before, but I expect to see a lot of new faces too. I'll be bringing a few paper copies of the 2010 Pez Poetry Slam, and possibly a couple of items to sell or trade. For those not attending the convention, look for a full recap in next month's issue. You can also follow me on Twitter for live updates from the convention.

Thanks for reading, and see you next month!

Joe Durrant
Editor, Pezhead Monthly

Pez Poetry

Preparing for Connecticut

Preparing for Connecticut
Shouldn't be a chore,
After all the Pez conventions
I've been to before.

And yet I get the feeling
That I'm quite behind.
My first time at the Northeast Con?
Oh man, it blows my mind.

I'll see some people that I know,
And others I will meet.
We'll share our passion for the Pez,
That tasty candy treat.

And there will be room hopping,
With Pez both new and classic.
Whatever treasures that await
I'm sure will be fantastic.

Preparing for Connecticut,
Familiar yet brand new,
I cannot wait to be there,
This Pezhead's time is due.

Pez Haiku #115

Goodbye Michael Scott;
I hope there is lots of Pez
In Colorado.

From The Pezhead Monthly Archives:
Pez Spring

Pez Almost-Quote of the Month

"Pezzing! Duh!"

Announcing the 2011 Pez Poetry Slam

The countdown is officially on: the 2011 Pez Poetry Slam will be taking place exclusively on the pages of the June 2011 issue of Pezhead Monthly! As was the case last year and for all previous Pez Poetry Slams, this will be a collection of many poems celebrating the wonder and awesomeness of Pez. And, as always, your contributions are welcome. The deadline for submission this year is Tuesday, May 31.

Check out the 2011 Pez Poetry Slam page for details!

Pezhead Monthly wants YOU...
To submit your poetry to the
2011 Pez Poetry Slam!

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