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Pezhead Monthly
April 2003

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Spring Loaded: A Message from the Editor top of page | cover page

Spring is officially here, and life as a Pezhead is as good as ever.

Life is good in part because this past month, my Pez collection grew considerably. It started out in full force when I found the US release of the Magic Pez at Toys R Us. I then picked up some more packs of Pez cards at another store. I now have seven packs in total and am keeping them in a binder. I never thought I'd be a card collector after giving up baseball cards as a kid, but leave it to Pez to bring it all back home.

Also, a few hot tips from the Pez message board (www.pezcommunity.com) led to some more Pez finds. First, I was able to find the three flavors of Pez lip balm (you heard me, Pez lip balm) at Claire's, a store found in most major shopping malls geared towards preteen girls. As I am not a preteen girl, I am not a frequent shopper at that particular store. But for Pez there's always an exception. The Pez message board also indirectly led me to the Columbus, Indiana Wal-Mart and the new Crystal Bugz set (an adventure described in one of the poems of this very issue).

Life is also good because this issue of Pezhead Monthly marks the second annual Pez Poetry Slam. Pez Poetry is one of the few features which has been in every issue of Pezhead Monthly thus far, and there's good reason for that. Poetry is one of the best forms of written expression, and with Pez it just seems to come naturally. And not only for me; I am also proud of the many people who took the time to contribute their Pez poetry to this issue. The issue also features the Pez Almost-Quote, bound to amaze, confuse, and/or stupefy tens, if not millions.

So thanks again for reading Pezhead Monthly, and enjoy the 2003 Pez Poetry Slam. And remember, contributions are not only welcome for the Pez Poetry Slam, but also year-round for all other issues.

Take care, and see you next month.

Joe Durrant
Editor, Pezhead Monthly


2003 Pez Poetry Slam top of page | cover page

A year has passed since the first annual Pez Poetry Slam, and I knew as soon as that issue of Pezhead Monthly was put together that the second Pez Poetry Slam was something to look forward to.

I think you'll agree, too, that the 2003 Pez Poetry Slam was well worth the wait. This year we have more poems, more contributors, and a more diverse array of Pez Poetry than any previous issue of Pezhead Monthly. It speaks to the joy and wonder of Pez that so many have chosen to share their words, and I thank all who have taken the time to contribute this year.

  2003 Pez Poetry Slam
Pez pens are helpful in creating Pez Poetry, as well as a Slam thereof.

Without further ado, it is my honor and pleasure to introduce the 2003 Pez Poetry Slam.


PEZ: Diverse Yet United
By Colin Phipps

Some stems are dull, others are bright,
All have a weight that is quite light.

Some are ghoulish, others are cute,
All dispense delicious fruit.

Some are kind, others are mean,
All have soul, but none have spleen


Behind the Face
By Sarah Tanton

my true identity?

I am one

one body with many faces

many identities

yet always offering my true self


look behind my face

and see that which lies inside

the sweet inner goodness

always present

always ready to make you happy

to bring you joy

independent of the face


Pez Haiku #23
By Joe Durrant

If Pez dispenses
In the woods and no one hears,
Then does it dispense?

Dispensers of PEZ
By Lauren McNiven

Tall and slender
all have feet
though can't ride a bike

Rainbow bright
rainbow fun
dispense special surprises
for everyone

Their candy's sweet
like fruity pie
tilt their head
I do not lie

like a magician's show
PEZ are our friends
not our foe

yum yum PEZ


By Joe Durrant

There once was a Pezhead named Spencer
Who only collected dispensers.
He would say "No, thanks"
To Pez clocks and banks,
For licensed Pez just made him tenser.

By John Fote

I think it is quite dandy,
This little piece of candy.

(The 2003 Pez Poetry Slam is continued on Page Three)

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