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March 2008

It's 3am. The phone is ringing. It's your friend, on vacation halfway across the world,
sharing news of a big Pez find and forgetting the time difference. He's got a lot of nerve, doesn't he?

I'm JoePez, and I approve this message.


Pezhead Monthly will return in April with all-new content.
In the meantime, enjoy these previous features celebrating March in various ways.

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And some March-inspired Pez Poetry...

Pez and Spring

The time is here, yes,
Spring has sprung,
And much like Pez
Upon my tongue,
This season makes
Me feel so young;
It truly is another birth.

The snow has melted,
Gone away,
The parks are filled
With kids at play,
And Easter Pez
Is here today,
All measures of the season's worth.

Flowers bloom
In flowerbeds,
As browns give way
To greens and reds,
And Pez dispensers
Tilt their heads,
Springing youth upon the Earth.


There's only one day of the year
That's also a command
Not just a day like all the rest,
But one that does demand.

"What day is it?" I hear you ask,
"When do the orders start?"
It's closer than you think, my friend,
This wisdom I impart.

So in my very best attempt
To celebrate this day,
I'll ask you kindly to March 4th
And get more Pez today.

Pez Haiku #35

On St. Patrick's Day,
Ev'ryone's a bit Irish.
Me? I rish for Pez.

Hooray for Spring

The snow is melting, grass appears.
Hooray, I say, for Spring is here!
Toss the shovel in the shed,
There are sunny days ahead.

The day starts sooner, and I cheer.
Hooray, I say, for Spring is here!
Awaken from that cozy bed,
Go outside and walk instead.

The air is mild, sky is clear.
Hooray, I say, for Spring is here!
Take those earmuffs off your head,
The biting cold you need not dread.

Easter Pez? Oh my, oh dear.
Hooray, I say, for Spring is here!
Grab those stems of green and red,
Dispense some Pez, that's what I said!


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