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Pezhead Monthly
March 2003

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Five Questions for the Giant Bart Simpson Pez Dispenser top of page | cover page

Ed. note: While Pezhead Monthly is pleased to have scored this exclusive interview with Giant Bart Simpson Pez, we are somewhat dismayed at his insistence to only respond to our questions with the five phrases heard when you tilt back his head.

Giant Bart Pez- a perfect fit
He may look imposing, but Giant Bart Pez is a perfect fit for the Pez family.

Pezhead Monthly: Giant Bart Pez, as one of the newest Pez out there I'm sure that you have been quite busy on the tour circuit, and your appearance here is greatly appreciated. What would you like to say to your fellow Pez and to all the collectors out there?

Giant Bart Pez: The world is our toy store.

PM: Well put indeed. Giant Bart Pez, you are the most recent in the specialized series of "Giant" Pez, which are 12" tall Pez that dispense entire rolls of Pez candy with each tilt of the head. Previous Giant Pez include Clown Pez, Snoopy Pez, Santa Pez, and your father, Homer Pez. (Ed. note: In his regular dispenser form, Homer Pez was the subject of Pezhead Monthly's "Five Questions" in its debut issue.) What is the typical response you hear from Pez collectors when they see a new shipment of Giant Pez arrive at the store?

GBP: Hot stuff, coming through!

PM: Fascinating stuff, to be sure. But Giant Bart Pez, aren't you worried that as a Giant Pez you'll be perceived as the "bully" of the Pez family? You tower over normal Pez dispensers, over special dispensers like Jungle Mission Pez and Fuzzy Friends, and even over the Pez Banks! Is there no force able to stop you from

taking over Pez, let alone the world as we know it? Is there no end to your madness, I ask you?

GBP: Cool your jets, man.

PM: Sorry about that, I guess I got a little worked up there. Shame, shame on me for forgetting that each Pez dispenser provides fruity goodness to kids of all ages. Please accept my apologies. On an entirely different note, what are your thoughts on all of the new dispenser sets scheduled for release in 2003?

GBP: Ay Carumba!

PM: I couldn't agree more, Giant Bart Pez, and I again thank you for taking the time to talk with Pezhead Monthly. However, I see you are looking over my shoulder at the television and seem quite distracted. Shall I assume that for all intents and purposes you are done answering questions?

GBP: Beep beep, clear the couch, it's Krusty time!

PM: I'll go ahead and take that as a yes.

My how he's grown...
My how he's grown: Giant Bart Simpson Pez with his regular Pez counterpart.

Pez Poetry top of page | cover page

Pez Haiku #22

Colorful Pez shelf,
Like a river do you wash
Away the dullness.


There's only one day of the year
That's also a command
Not just a day like all the rest,
But one that does demand.

"What day is it?" I hear you ask,
"When do the orders start?"
It's closer than you think, my friend,
This wisdom I impart.

So in my very best attempt
To celebrate this day,
I'll ask you kindly to March 4th
And get more Pez today.

Petey O'Jay top of page | cover page

What does the future hold for our tormented hero? Let's have a look…

Petey O'Jay

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