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Pezhead Monthly
February 2002

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Spring Loaded: A Message from the Editor top of page | cover page

Love is truly in the air this month, as Pezhead Monthly puts out its seventh issue. For this issue I decided to take a different tack; that is, instead of a main story I thought I would offer up the first ever Pezhead Monthly Photo Essay. This month's theme is "Pez Dispensers in Love" and features some of the famous pairs of dispensers out there. Also featured are some Pez Almost-Love Songs, and returning contenders Five Questions, Pez Poetry, the Month in Pez, and the Pez Almost-Quote.

I try not to say this too often, because after a while I think it becomes redundant, but I really do enjoy putting this newsletter together. It gives me a chance to express my love of collecting Pez and writing, and it lets me have some big fun in the process. In the coming months, I hope that others will contribute to the newsletter and make it even more fun. One of the future issues will feature the first annual Pez Poetry Slam, which is a perfect opportunity for other Pezheads to flex their literary muscles.

(Editor's note: the following refers to the current site, PezheadMonthly.com. I kept this in here "as is") One important note: The Web site for this newsletter will be changing addresses soon. Keep posted as this change takes place (I will have my current site up for a while at least as a placeholder). And, by all means, keep flipping those dispensers.

Joe Durrant
Editor, Pezhead Monthly


Pez Dispensers in Love: A Pezhead Monthly Photo Essay top of page | cover page

It's that time of year again; when lovers gaze longingly into each other's eyes, profess their undying devotion to one another, and dream the dreams that lovers dream.

Well, the world of Pez is no different. Herewith, four scenes that prove beyond a doubt that the concepts of love and Pez are forever intertwined. (Note: I have reduced the images sizes of the following four pictures for those of you who have slower Web connections. To view larger sizes, just click on the pictures.)

Donald and Daisy

A Pez Love Tragedy: Move over, Shakespeare, this one's got it all. Despite being trapped in their confined plastic quarters by overbearing Pez parents, despite their differences in packaging, Donald Duck Pez and Daisy Duck Pez desperately long to be together. Daisy's bright smile indicates she does not look down on Donald for not having the "New Dispenser" sticker on his packaging. Truer, more tragic love the world has never known.


Boy and Girl

Chivalry Is Not Dead: Back in medieval times, it was common practice for a knight to slay a dragon to save his fair maiden. Nowadays, this kind of respect and reverence for loved ones too often goes by the wayside. Boy Pez, however, makes a point to treat his Girl Pez like the princess that she is. Here he is kind enough to hold open the door to his Pezmobile for her, as he prepares to take her out for a night on the Pez town.


Garfield and Arlene

Love Means Never Having To Say "Get Lost": Garfield Pez is very happy. Why, you ask? After months and months of trying to win the hand of the love of his life, Arlene Pez, she finally accepted his offer for a date. Granted, Arlene is only going out with Garfield because she lost a bet with one of her friends. But as this photo shows, love just might be in the air.


Homer and Marge

You Must Remember This, A Pez Is Just A Pez: The fundamental things apply. Things like sitting back and watching a romantic movie with the one you love. With the kids asleep, Homer Simpson Pez (also featured in Pezhead Monthly Vol. 1, Issue 1) and his lovely wife Marge Pez prepare to watch their favorite movie, "Casablanca." This also gives Homer a chance to swoop Marge off her feet and say, in his best Bogart voice, "Here's looking at you, Marge Pez."


Pez Poetry top of page | cover page

Pez Haiku #6

I wonder if Pez
Talk of us when left alone,
Or if they're speechless.

A Brief Conversation With An Enchanted Yet Misguided Mirror

"Mirror, mirror on the wall,
What's the fairest candy of them all?"
"The answer's Skittles, it can't be clearer."
"I think I'll get myself another mirror."

A Brief Conversation With An Enchanted Yet Misguided Mirror That Has Since Seen The Error of Its Ways

"Looking closer," Mirror says,
"The fairest candy must be Pez."
"Mirror, mirror on the wall,
I think I'll keep you after all."

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