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Pezhead Monthly
January 2009

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Spring Loaded: A Message from the Editor top of page | cover page

Welcome back to Pezhead Monthly!

Astute readers will note that it has been several months since the last issue of this publication. Now, I could sit here and tell you that I decided to start again now so that Issue 1 of Volume 8 (yes, Volume 8!) can coincide with the start of the year, but that wouldn't be true (although it is a pleasant coincidence). The truth is that I have entered into a relationship with a wonderful girl, and have very much enjoyed getting to know her over these past months.

After some deep meditation, I have decided that it is time to return to Pezhead Monthly, even as my relationship with my girlfriend continues to grow and flourish.

And as this issue demonstrates, there has been a lot of Pez-related activity going on in my world as well as of late. "My Top 10 Pez Moments" speaks for itself, and there are lots of pictures too (you can click most of the pictures for larger versions). I hope you enjoy reading through it.

Starting next month, look for Pezhead Monthly to return with new content, along with some traditional features such as Pez Poetry, the Pez Almost-Quote, and more.

Thanks for reading and see you soon!

Joe Durrant
Editor, Pezhead Monthly


My Top 10 Pez Moments, July 2008-January 2009 top of page | cover page

Here, in no particular order, are the top ten Pez moments that I have experienced over the past six months.

1. Attending Pezamania 18

My eighth Pezamania voyage to the golden city of Cleveland proved to be quite fruitful. Not only did I get lots of new vintage and current dispensers and other Pez items to add to my collection, I also reconnected with old friends and made some new ones too. And I discovered, purely by accident, a tremendously cool nearby candy store called b.a. Sweetie, where I bore witness to what can only be described as a cornucopia of Pez for sale. Imagine walking into a store and seeing this:


Unfortunately, for legal reasons the Pez Bingo was replaced at Pezamania 18 by a game called Diceamania. It was still fun, and I still lost in grand fashion. However, I also won for the first time in another game called Pezamania Wars. I won a gold-plated Emperor Palpatine, and also a very rare Pez pin. I decided to trade this pin with a pin collector (who happens to be one of my favorite dealers) towards a vintage Jiminy Cricket dispenser. Yes!

2. Discovering Christopher Walken Pez

One of my biggest scores at Pezamania 18, if not the biggest score, was a custom-made Christopher Walken Pez dispenser. Prior to getting Walken Pez, it had been a while since I had gotten a custom Pez dispenser, let alone find a decent quality one at a Pez convention (Elvis was my last custom Pez at a convention). But that all changed one fateful July day. As a big Walken fan (More cowbell! Seven long years I hid this watch! Etcetera! Etcetera!) and, perhaps, somewhat of a Pez fan, I cannot put into words the level of excitement that overtook me when I happened upon a custom Christopher Walken Pez. It was expertly made and just flat-out cool. I paid the designer his well-earned money, left the hotel room, and then sat in the hallway for 5, maybe 10 minutes, gazing in silent disbelief at the little plastic joy that had moments ago joined the hallowed halls of my Pez collection.

3. Finding the Star Trek Pez collector's set

Now, let's get one thing straight right here: I am not a Trekkie. I do not travel across state lines just so I can go to fan conventions where… I'm sorry, what was I saying? Oh yes. Star Trek. I've always been much more of a Star Wars guy, and in fact am quite unschooled in all things Star Trek, except for the one movie with KHAAAAAAN (RIP Senor Montalban), basic knowledge of the original TV series, and the occasional ancillary Shatner worship.

Nonetheless, I was quite pleased when I stumbled upon the new Star Trek collector set at Cost Plus World Market, which by the way has in recent months shot to the very top of my Pez hunting list. This set is amazing. All the old school characters are there: Kirk, Spock, Scotty, Sulu… there is even a USS Enterprise dispenser!

I even picked up an extra set for my girlfriend's father (a big Star Trek fan and, now, a Pez collector by default) and, yes, I got another set to open so that I can keep one mint in package. What kind of Pezhead would I be if I did otherwise?

I had expected to see this set in spring/summer of 2009, but when I found it in October 2008, well, suffice it to say that my phaser was set to stunned.

4. Receiving The Collector's Guide To Pez, 3rd edition

When I gave my girlfriend's father a Star Trek Pez set, I had no idea that I would also be receiving a Pez item. He gave me a very special publication: The Collector's Guide To Pez Dispensers, 3rd edition. This recently updated guide features tons of great pictures of Pez dispensers new and old, common and rare (What's that? A green Batman?), as well as other unique Pez items and even approximate prices, so that you know if you're getting a good deal (or a raw one) when you make a Pez find at an antique store.

I was told by my girlfriend after receiving this book that her family had a good time looking through it prior to wrapping, all the while getting a comprehensive glimpse at the volume and artistry of all things Pez. Okay, I'm paraphrasing, but you get the point.

I am also considering using the categories in this book as a basis for reorganizing the spreadsheet I have for my Pez collection, with the goal of easier organization and navigation as my collection continues to grow (as a point of reference, just since July 2008 I have added at least 50 dispensers!).

5. Taking new photos of my Pez collection

After almost a year since I last took pictures of my Pez room, I decided to get some updated ones since my collection has grown so much over the past several months. See if you can spot the differences…

March 2008 (click for a larger view)

January 2009 (click for a larger view)

This time around, I also took high-quality pictures of each of my dispenser shelves, including those in the Pez curio in the front room. Now, when I am out Pez hunting (whether it be in store, on eBay, or at conventions), I can just pull out my iPod Touch and cycle through the pictures to get a closer view at what I have and what I am missing. I can also quickly show people good, detailed photos of my collection, the way a grandmother corners innocent passersby with pictures of her grandchildren. I can see this being quite the handy tool!

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